Feb 6th, 2012 @ 8:22 pm

11 Fresh Apps For February 2012

Android Static's Fresh App Reviews

Apparently, there was a Super Bowl last night? I just caught wind of this. You see while all of you were watching this Bowl-thing, I was combing the Market for Fresh Android apps that may or may not complete your life this week.


Check Your Twitter Stats

Twitter whores unite! Check Your Twitter Stats is a small widget that gives you all the details on your current follower count, how many tweets you’ve released that day and the overall gains and losses in Twitter followers. This is probably oriented more towards businesses than anyone else, but if you have incredibly low self-esteem and derive your worth from how many people love you… then get widget.

Check Your Twitter Stats gives you the skinny about your follower base.

Free: Check Your Twitter Stats



Swarmer is a great Indie-ish live wallpaper that will give your phone a decidedly retro feel. This live wallpaper fills your screen with tiny little circle things that swarm around your screen in tiny roving packs. It shouldn’t be too resource intensive on any device and it gives you the option of changing the colors and speed of your swarm.

Swarmer is a retro styled live wallpaper where tiny circles "swarm" around  your finger.

Free: Swarmer


Carrier Coverage

Without a wireless signal, your Android device pretty much useless. Carrier Coverage, which was just released today, promises to help you map out the best area for cell phone coverage according to network carrier. Carrier Coverage is crowd sourcing app that uses data from multiple users to determine the strength of 3G and 4G signals.

Carrier Coverage is a great way to evaluate the performance of your wireless carrier's 3G or 4G signal.

Although not the first app of it’s kind, Carrier Coverage is a fantastic way to evaluate the your wireless carrier’s performance (or lack their of).

Free: Carrier Coverage


Sensor Camera

Any Android Static reader know that we cover our share of photograph apps on the site. Sensor Camera is, in someways, just another camera app and doesn’t even include any fancy filters or special features. The real benefit of Sensor Camera is that it provides you with a host of tools to help improve your skills at composition using various grids and patterns.

Sensor Camera is all about helping you learn about composition.

If you’re just getting the hang of photography and really want to get into composition, there’s simply no other camera app that compares to Sensor Camera.

Free: Sensor Camera


Raining Light

Raining Light is a simple live wallpaper that is great for lower end Android devices. Similar to one of my favorite live wallpapers, Pixel Rain, Raining Light shows small lights that seem to rain across a black background. It isn’t visually impressive like the other live wallpapers we’ve featured, but it’s worth noting to people that like more minimal, non-battery invasive live wallpapers.

Raining Light Live Wallpaper isn't that visually impressive, but it's simple and pretty.

Free: Raining Light



We’ve featured other Gif makers on the site before (see GifDroid), but GifBoom seems to make the process a lot easier. GifBoom makes short work of not only making animated Gif files and then sharing them via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

GifBoom makes it easy to created animated Gif files with your Android phone or tablet.

GifBoom also has some features I haven’t seen before, like support for both front and back cameras and controls over the speed of your animations.

Free: GifBoom



If you’re one of those people that enjoy squeezing a nickle until the buffalo jumps off, then check out Decide.com’s app. This app basically helps to determine the best time to buy electronics. Decide.com’s app lets you scan a product using your phone’s camera. The app will then tell you to either go ahead and buy it or wait for a bit of time.

Decide.com's app helps you decide if it's a good time to buy that gadget you've been wanting.

I haven’t personally used Decide.com a lot, but apparently works with most gadgets or video games.

Free: Decide.com



This app is absolutely not for everyone, but conceptually it is too cool not to mention. Sketcher3D is a fully featured 3D modeling program that allows you do everything create 3D objects to scale them using your phone’s accelerometer.

Sketcher3D is a #D modeling program for Android.

This app isn’t exactly for someone new to 3D modeling, and I’m not 100% sure why you’d want to model anything on your phone. However, the app does support a number of 3D formats so you can take your designs with you.

Free: Sketcher3D (Beta)



If you’re into things that, well, are free then check out Listia. Listia is a site that allows people to list anything they don’t want and simply want to give away for free. The site is pretty new and the concept is pretty new and, honestly, I don’t see anything I’d want. But you never know, there could be something good, right?

You're bat-shit crazy if you think you're getting Xbox off this service.

Free: Listia


Square Wave

Square Wave is in the same vein as many of the wallpapers we mention — simple and minimal. Square Wave simple display colorful squares wherever you decide to tap.

Square Wave is a simple and minimal live wallpaper.

Free: Square Wave



There are too many “sharing” apps to list that offer to help you share your pictures or videos with anyone you want too. Snipper is meant to share short videos with our friends in both public or private channels.

Snipper allows you to share video with friends and family.

Free: Snipper


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