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1Weather Is A Game Changing, Gorgeous Weather App

Every once and awhile you’ll browse the Android Market and see an app that just stands out. An app that says “If you don’t download me, I’ll probably punch you in the face.” 1Weather is that sort of app. 1Weather is an innovative and fresh take on how you’ll get the weather on your Android phone or tablet.

1Weather is a innovative and beautiful new Android Weather app.

The strength of my, perhaps over zealous, argument for why 1Weather is amazing is only relevant if you look at the other Weather apps on the Android Market: They’re carbon copies of each other. Sure, you’ll see a few weather apps that bring something new to the table (e.g. Weddar), but most of these apps are based on the same tired cliches that HTC invented with their Sense modifications all the way back to the days of Windows Mobile. I’m not that old. I swear.

1Weather is a game changing weather app.

In short, 1Weather doesn’t look or feel like any other weather app you’ve used for Android; it’s fresh, eclectic and exciting — in the same way that Any.Do is for task management apps or Google Currents is for news apps.


1Weather: Simple, Focused and Relevant

1Weather is set up in a series of panels that give you information about weather in your location or any other location you may want to add. 1Weather’s design feels like a back-to-basics approach. Where other weather apps seem focused on providing you a depth of information, 1Weather is focused on giving you just the relevant bits of information.

1Weather supports multiple locations like a boss.

If you’re like me, I really care about the temperature and the weather… and that’s basically it. I’m not overly concerned about sunset times or radar maps. 1Weather has this information if you want it — but it’s feels secondary. Each panel is as simple as possible and all about the basic facts (e.g. information about the weather right now, over the next seven days, severe weather alerts, etc.). If you’re one of those Weather Channel I-love-Jim-Cantore folks, then 1Weather might not feel serious enough for you.

Again, that isn’t to say that 1Weather doesn’t have a robust set of features. From radar maps to the UV Index to barometric pressure — 1Weather has a wealth of information that should satisfy most users.

1Weather has a robust set of features, but gives you the ability to customize which ones you want.

The other plus for 1Weather is that, for a free app, it gives you a fair amount of customization without being overwhelming to new users. So, 1Weather gives you the option of changing the background or selecting which panels you’d like to use, which is enough to keep most people happy. Now, there is a strange limitation about the number of panels you can use (apparently limited to three). It isn’t exactly clear whether this is a potential feature of a future paid version of 1Weather, or that this is used to maintain a certain level of performance, especially on older Android devices.

1Weather limits you to three panels in the options settings, and it really isn't clear why.

Speaking of older Android devices, be warned that this is the sort of app for new-ish Android devices. Every single part of 1Weather is beautiful animated and that animation comes at a cost. While newer, especially dual-core, Android phones won’t feel the pinch if you’re running on anything especially old then don’t expect too happy with 1Weather’s performance.


1Weather: So Beautiful, You May Not Actually Care About The Weather

The most obvious reason to download 1Weather the way it looks. Panels slide smoothly from one section to the other and every part of the app feels alive. Every single part of 1Weather feels detailed and alive. Switching to the Precipitation reveals a series of buckets that fill up with water according to the projected rain all for that day. The Sun & Moon section (which gives you Sunrise and Sunset times) rotates like a night’s sky.

Every part of 1Weather feels handcrafted.

I’m not trying to compare development to an artisanal tradition of detail, but if the argument was made, there isn’t a better example than 1Weather. Every thing is animated, smooth and sexy. This app blends simplicity together with a powerful set of tools for learning about the weather.

Frankly, there’s simply nothing to compare 1Weather too. This app is just that good. If that wasn’t enough, the app includes a widget! And you know we like those, so here’s a picture of it (free of charge of course):

1Weather has a widget. It sort of says "Oh, Hay, here's the weather."


1Weather: The Wrap Up

In short, 1Weather is a gorgeous app that anyone who has any worth-a-damn taste or style in life should enjoy. 1Weather is completely free, but it looks like the developers are running in app advertisements for their other apps. 1Weather will probably be offered in the form of a paid app in the near future (or at least I hope so), which can remove the ads.

After only using 1Weather for a few hours, I’m sort of in love. And, well, I’m usually right about these things. So go forth and download.

Free: 1Weather

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