Jan 24th, 2012 @ 1:48 pm

3 Fresh Live Wallpapers You Aren’t Using Yet

As some of you may or may not know, I am at an undisclosed tropical location de vacaciones. I, however, did not forget about you silly folks who still expect me to post up wonderful apps for your leisure and general enjoyment. Today, I’ve got three amazingly fresh live wallpapers that promise to not only eat your battery life but impress your nerd-ish Android comrades.


Donut Coasters Live Wallpaper

Donut Coasters Live Wallpaper is surprisingly cool despite the Fatty McFatster name. Donut Coasters is essentially series of colorful, retro styled circles that float in unison in on your phone’s homescreen. Donut Coasters gives you a few different options for choosing your color schemes and anyone that likes a simple, not too resources intensive live wallpaper should enjoy it.

Donut Coasters Live Wallpaper is pretty much what is sounds like -- combination donut and coaster things that are, uh, pretty.

Free: Donut Coasters Live Wallpaper


Flying Nodes

Flying Nodes Live Wallpaper is one of those artsy, geometric live wallpapers that seems to do its own thing and happens to allow you to watch. Depending on your settings, Flying Nodes features tiny geometric shapes connected together via lines, all of which bounce around your homescreen with elastic fun.

Flying Nodes has too many options for words. Shapes, colors, speed, background — Flying Nodes truly does not care and gives you control over pretty much all aspects of how it displays.

Flying Nodes has too many options to list, but fans of customizations will be happy.

Free: Flying Nodes


TDC 2.0

I’m not sure TDC stands for nor why there’s a TDC 2.0. But I’m a fan of this quirky and creative live wallpaper. TDC 2.0 is a simple, at times, minimal live wallpaper that display the current time and date. Displaying the time and date in a live wallpaper isn’t exactly a new thing for Android, but TDC renders your phone into a trendy, dynamic clock with various background and styles.

TDC 2.0 displays the current time and dates in a minimal, funky way.

TDC 2.0 comes in both free and paid flavors with the paid version offering a significant number of options for choosing fonts and colors. Try out the free version first, because I don’t think that everyone will fall in love with this live wallpaper. If you’re a fan then upgrade, which will only cost you a little over a dollar right now.

Free: TDC 2.0


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