Oct 28th, 2011 @ 1:49 pm

6 Great Halloween Apps For Android

Decorations are lame and remind me why I’m all anti-establishment and dickishly show up to Halloween parties without a costume. If you’re really into Halloween though check out these tis the season apps.


Horror Night Live Wallpaper

Horror Night is pretty cool since it isn’t over the top with Halloween cliches. Okay, maybe it is orange and has random bats flying out of the background, but still there’s probably some merit to what I say.

Horror Night is a beauitful Halloween Live Wallpaper.

Free: Horror Night Live Wallpaper


Face Costume

Face Costume is an augmented reality app that places different masks, hats and beards on your face so you can eye ball what your potential costume might look like. Be Warned: This will require a tablet with a front facing camera.

Face Costume lets you preview potential masks for your costume.

Free: Face Costume Free

Paid: Face Costume ($2.99)


Halloween Costumes

I personally don’t dress up…. at least not for Halloween (I’ll let that simmer for a bit). Halloween Costumes is a great app for picking out a potential costume.

Halloween Costumes lets you browse costumes and get ideas for Halloween.

Free: Halloween Costumes


Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights features a simple scene with lights buzzing around and a countdown to Halloween timer. At with my device though, this live wallpaper is a resource hog. Upgrade to the full version for more options.

Halloween Lights has a built in countdown for Halloween.

Free: Halloween Lights Trial

Paid: Halloween Lights ($0.99)


Halloween Scene

Another fantastic live wallpaper with a surprisingly large number of options for for the free version. The full version will run you a little under two bucks.

Halloween Screen has a ton of options, even in the free version.

Free: Halloween Scene Lite

Paid: Halloween Scene Full ($1.70)


Angry Birds Seasons

Not that this app needs much explanation, but updated version Halloween levels look fantastic on any devices and are sort of a must-have for any Android owner.

Angry Birds Seasons has a ton of beautiful levels with a Halloween theme.

Free: Angry Birds Seasons



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