Jan 23rd, 2013 @ 8:54 am

7 New Apps I Found On The Internet

Many of you have heard me talk about how long it takes to discover new apps. More often than not, I’ll find an app that good but not necessarily worth writing an entire post about. I used to cover more of these apps under the moniker of fresh apps, but self admittedly I’ve not written one in awhile. So, here are some apps that have been cluttering my inbox for awhile.

Ez Weather

As the easy (in more ways that one) name implies Ez Weather is a single purpose, no frills take on a weather app. Ez Weather shows the weather in your location as a forecast over the next 24 hours or over the next seven days.

Ez Weather. A slutty, weather app.


Free: Ez Weather



Podbay is a stylish take on a podcasting app that, strangely, doesn’t allow you to subscribe to podcasts. Basically, the app lets you search for podcasts and stream them without actually having to do that whole weighty commitment thing.

Podbay streams podcasts on the fly.

Free: Podbay



I love minimal weather apps but if you use Weatherist you’re basically a masochist. Ez Weather above is bloated, bourgeoisie capitalist compared to the stark nothing-ness of Weatherist. Instructions to use Weatherist are as follows: click the icon. This app has no real options, save putting temperatures into celsius like we’re doing lab experiments or some shit.


Free: Weatherist



Following in the footsteps of apps like Any.Do, Tada is a clean to do app that integrates with Google Tasks. Tada comes with all the stuff you’d expect a task management app to have — support for syncing, lists, alarms, etc. Tada let’s you swipe between different lists and comes with sorting options and has a dark theme. However, I thought I was drunk one morning when I used the dark theme because all the fonts are squished.

Tada is a beautiful way to be more productive.

Minor complains aside, Tada is a good alternative to apps like Any.Do and Astrid.

Free: Tada



Accept my gigantic disclaimer that I don’t typically feature apps like this that purport to cure mythical Android maladies. This app might be different because it’s home is found on XDA-Developers. Lagfix promises to fix a lag issue that is, again supposedly, endemic to Nexus 7, HTC One X and some Samsung Galaxy Nexuses.


I tried it on my Galaxy Nexus. It didn’t break it, but can I tell that it removed the occasional lag? Maybe. It’s hard to tell whether apps like this work or not. If you have one of these devices and it’s rooted then you might want to give it a shot.

Free: Lagfix



Write isn’t the newest app on the block, but more would download it if they knew such an app existed. Write is a dead simple writing app that is basically a no-frills text editor. The developers are keen to point out that the app includes no cloud syncing capabilities or, well, any other features.


Free: Write



Umamo is a big app, potentially really big (this app will probably get it’s own review later). Umamo is perfect for you non-reading types since it will read the news to you. Umamo is not an automated, robotic voice that use used on Windows XP to prank your friend into thinking you were the FBI — instead Umamo is a collection of news articles with beautiful spoken word news articles.

Umano reads the news and other content to you outloud.

Most of the content is bite sized snippets of content actually read by professional voice actors. I’m still unclear as to how the service works, but the app itself is fantastic.

Free: Umano



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  • Danilo says:

    The last app says in the screenshot umano and not unamo.
    also.. there is no link to it…

    thanks for pointing us podcasters to podbay 🙂

  • J.Womack says:

    Dude that EZ Weather app screenshot completely freaked me out, because it showed weather for Greensboro, NC – which is where I live. Then I did quick search and realized why. I had no idea and I’ve subscribed to this feed for quite some time. Small world. Cheers bro!