Sep 19th, 2011 @ 9:00 am

9 Must Have News Apps for Android

Even if you’re only a marginal news junkie there are certain news apps you must have on your phone. Why? Because 1. It’s sort of a good life rule to be informed and 2. People will think you’re smart-ish. Here’s our top picks for must have news apps you need to have on your phone.


1. CNN

CNN hardly needs any introduction or explanation and is a daily go to source for breaking news. The CNN app itself is beautiful and has an option for you to get breaking news notifications as they happen. If you have an Android tablet though, do yourself a favor and download the CNN for Android Tablets, which is formatted for a larger screen size.


Free: CNN App for Android Phones

Free: CNN App for Android Tablets


2. BBC News

I’ve only listed BBC News second because Android Static is based on the United States (thus CNN takes point). The BBC News is a solid source of U.K., American and World News. The application itself is set up very well designed and pleasure to use. Having either the CNN or BBC is a requirement for owning an Android devices and true news junkies (like me) should have both.

BBC News

Free: BBC News


3. NPR News

Whether you like some of these news apps, self admittedly, depend on your politics. NPR News is one of those institutions that you either love or hate (I’m on the love side FYI). Along with great domestic and international news coverage, the NPR app lets you listen to the organization’s range of programming from All Things Considered to Car Talk.

NPR News

Free: NPR News


4. New York Times

Despite the recent pay wall and complaints on the Android Market about the official NY Times app for Android I would still recommend that people have it. Why? Because it’s the New York Times and you should be reading them. Some of the Market comments talk about connectivity issues but, overall, it’s still a pretty good news app for people in the know.

NY Times

Free: NYTimes App for Phone


5. Engadget

As people who work at a technology blog, we frequently admire, you know, other technology blogs. Engadget is a great source for tech news and reviews and their Android app is fantastic and a must have for tech lovers.


Free: Engadget


6. The Economist

The Economist is the source for all things international or economic in nature. The app it self is fantastic and gives you access to all the same content you can get online.

The Economist

Free: The Economist



CNET is the source for hot tech news and even has some great information about Android apps as well. The CNET app lets you access all this and more (reviews, videos, podcasts, etc.), which means it makes it on our list.


Free: CNET


8. Time

Like most of the apps we’ve listed, Time Magazine needs little introduction and folks that are fans of the magazine can access Time articles on their smartphone or tablet. We’re not big fans that it is ad supported and there are a few issues about it being buggy in the Market, but we’d still recommend it.

Time Mobile

Free: Time Mobile (Ad Supported)


9. AP

The Associated Press is an important news service for many publications and newspapers. You can directly access AP content with the AP Mobile App. Visually simple and fast, AP Mobile offers content from many different publications in one app and has an option for breaking news notifications (similar to the CNN and BBC apps).

AP Mobile

Free: AP Mobile







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