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Nov 23rd, 2011 @ 1:08 pm

Must Have: AirDroid Lets You Control Your Phone From Your Browser

I normally don’t get really excited about new applications; it’s rare these days to have an Android app drop in the Market that just blows everything out of the water. However, I’m estatic over AirDroid, an app that blows other apps out of the water by making an Android-to-Computer connection easy as pie.

For all of today’s technology and interconnected-ness it is still surprisingly difficult to accomplish simple tasks without having to resort to old school methods. For example, if I need to move files from my computer to Android phone I still basically have to mount it via a USB cable, like this is 1996 is or something. No longer, Friends. Say Hello to AirDroid — an incredible app that lets you control your phone from your computer’s web browser over your local WiFi network.

AirDroid lets you control any aspect of your Android phone via your web browser and local WiFi network.

There are a few different apps already in existence that promise to do the same thing as AirDroid, but often they don’t work very well (and lose connectivity) and require a client program to run on your local desktop or computer. AirDroid on the other hand is all about an ad-hoc, on the fly set up.

Here’s how it works. AirDroid basically creates a webpage of sorts for your phone and then gives you the address to type in your web browser to access it. AirDroid gives you a special password so that only you can access your device. No more worrying about wires or setting up network shares on a computer or network that you may only be using for a few minutes — just launch AirDroid and it’s all taken care of.

AirDroid lets you control a number of system functions directly from the app.

AirDroid is designed to control anything and everything to do with your phone. Whether you want to send a text message, look at your photos, listen to your music, add files, check your battery life — Hell, even install apps. The bottomline is that whatever you want to do AirDroid can probably do it.

AirDroid options and settings are few and far between, which is a good thing for most users.

AirDroid is a beautiful, intuitive app to use that offers just enough control without making it seem overwhelming to new users. Again, that’s the beauty of an app like this: simplicity. To use AirDroid, you only need to hit the start button and then type in the address it gives you into your web browser.

After you hit the start button on your phone, simply type in the web address and your password into your web browser.

If you thought the app on your phone was awesome, wait till you see the web browser view. AirDroid interface on your browser is sort of iPhone-ish and uses app-like buttons. AirDroid’s interface is dynamic. You can move icons around to where you want them and clicking one will bring up a window that you can move around the screen. Best of all, AirDroid is fast, like really fast. Music files play almost instantaneously and even big folders of photos load up in a snap.

The AirDroid desktop and web browser view is incredibly fast and dynamic.

AirDroid’s interface makes it possible to have multiple windows open at the same time and even minimize them to the lower task bar. AirDroid is an example of an advanced app and system that simply works without the usual pain of having to mess around with network settings.

AirDroid lets you have multiple windows open and you can actually minimize them to tray.

AirDroid is technically considered a beta, but the app offered incredible stability and performance when I used it. So, if you haven’t already, download AirDroid today. Whether you need to set up an ad-hoc connection but don’t have a USB cable on you or just simply need to access your phone, it doesn’t get much better than AirDroid. Also, check out the walk through from the developers below.

Free: AirDroid



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