May 28th, 2012 @ 11:20 am

Appy Geek – It’s my Tech News

If you are  always hungry for the latest tech news and updates then Appy Geek is the app for you. Although you might already have your fill of RSS apps (e.g. Google Reader or Google Currents), but I would suggest you to take a look at Appy Geek since it’s free and simply a great app; I’ve used it for almost 6 months and whenever I flash a new ROM it is one of the first apps I install.

One of the most important thing about an app is its user interface, which help differentiate it from a sea of humdrum clones. This is exactly the case of Appy Geek. Its user interface resembles the Windows Phone 7 metro style UI, and it even has the very WP7 transition effects. These home screen tiles are customizable, and you can control the tiles you want and where they should be positioned. Plus, the interface is easy enough for most people to figure out.

Appy Geek it fetches news from various news websites such as TechRadar, IntoMobile and aggregates stories into a single app, which means that you don’t have to manually add these sites into the app itself. The only disadvantage of this approach is you can’t add your own favorite tech websites, meaning you’ll be restricted to whatever websites are built into to Appy Geek.

Appy Geek is a technology app that keeps you up to date on all your favorite tech news.    Appy Geek has a number of built in categories and news sources.   Appy Geek has a clean and sexy interface.

Still, if you’re the casual reader isn’t too particular about what technology sources you read then Appy Geek is a great app. It features wide collection of topics, which won’t disappoint most people. In fact, some topics such as Google Play and smartphone related news are already marked as favorites.

Appy Geek also has all your standard sharing options for Facebook, Twitter or any other social network that you use. You can also give your reaction to individual stories by selecting your mood with response like “Cool, So What?” for that story you weren’t that impressed with.

Appy Geek is a great app for folks interested in keep track of the latest tech news. Plus, its free and available in the Google Play Store.

Free: Appy Geek for Phones

Free: Appy Geek for Tablets 

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