Aug 15th, 2011 @ 4:42 pm

5 Awesome RSS Apps for Android with Google Reader Integration

I’m a huge news junkie, and if it weren’t Google Reader I might go crazy thinking that I’ve not caught up with my favorite blogs and publications. Luckily Google Reader integration is pretty much an essential feature on any RSS app for Android these days. Here’s a list of our picks some awesome RSS apps.



Newsrob has been around for ages and has been a defacto app for a lot of news junkies like myself. Newsrob is simply a solid RSS reader – it’s fast, simple and easy for anyone to use. As soon as you start up Newsrob for the first time, you’ll be prompted to add your Google Reader account, which will immediently began to sync all your feeds.

Newsrob is a solid RSS app for Android.

If all you care about is accessing your feeds in the most straightforward way possible, Newsrob is your best bet. The only downside I would charge the app with is being, well, a little bit boring. It isn’t a particular attractive nor ugly app, just very plain. The free version is exactly the same as the paid version except it’s ad supported and does not include any widgets. Newsrob Pro (the paid version) is a little on the expensive side for my tastes at nearly $6.00.

Free: Newsrob

Paid: Newsrob Pro (Around $6.00)



Feedly is actually my default RSS reader these days. It is popular, but isn’t as well known as Newsrob. Feedly is a minimalist’s dream come true – your RSS content is displayed on clean white background and in pages that require you to swipe from left to right. Sometimes, however, Feedly is minimalist to a fault. For example, you if you want to mark an item as read, you’ll have to press on the right of the screen, which can be a little confusing at first.

Feedly is a minimalist RSS reader.

Feedly comes with widget and, best of all, it’s completely free and doesn’t have ads.

Free: Feedly


Pulse News

Pulse News is a very popular and slick RSS app for Android phones and tablets. More interesting than Newsrob with absolutely more features than Feedly, Pulse News is all about creating pages that feature your feeds. Visually, Pulse News is sexy and you’ll be greeted with slick menus and a unique method of sliding stories from your feeds from left-to-right to view them.

Pulse News is a visually impressive reader.

The only thing I truly don’t like about Pulse is that it can seem sluggish — especially compared to an app like Feedly. This really depends on your device, and I’m sure the experience is different on a tablet. The other con is that Pulse is limited to syncing only 60 if your feeds, so if you’re a super news junkie this might not be the best choice.

Pulse News is completely free and doesn’t have any ads.

Free: Pulse News



In someways, Taptu is very similar to Pulse since you control both in nearly the same way. Where Pulse News is really a focused RSS reader, Taptu lets you add feeds from any RSS, Google Reader and any social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin). I personally think it runs faster than Pulse, so it might be a good alternative from that perspective alone.

Taptu allows you to add social media feeds along side your RSS subscriptions.

I don’t know if I want my social media mixing all up in my RSS, but some of you might. Who knows. Taptu is free and sans ads.

Free: Taptu



Not to be confused with the official Google Reader app, gReader is a big competator to Newsrob and works more like a traditional RSS app with your feeds displayed in lists. I wouldn’t exactly call gReader attractive, and it’s definetely not sexy. But if Newsrob put you to sleep, gReader will be a welcomed change and seems to have an iPhone like theme built into it.

gReader is an RSS reader with an iPhone feel.

It comes with three widgets and is ad supported.

Free: gReader



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