Apr 13th, 2012 @ 10:15 am

BBM For Android To Be Released Later This Year

Oh Blackberry, you dead and dying platform that reminds us of what happens when a company can’t adapt. Apparently, Research In Motion is planning to release BBM For Android, supposedly, later this year.

Blackberry users are, for some reason, in love with BBM.

For those that not in the know, BBM, or Blackberry Messenger, is the proprietary messaging app built into all Blackberry devices and, as a personal observation, is practically an obsession for some Blackberry users. I don’t really get it. BBM looks like AIM did back in 1997, and then there’s that whole not being able to communicate with anything not a Blackberry. Two cans and a string if you ask me.


BBM For Android Leak

Although screenshots of BBM for Android were leaked earlier this year, TechnoBuffalo received a few new screenshots of the app from an unknown source. The screenshots looked as if they were running on a lower end, smaller resolution device (similar to an HTC Wildfire).

According to TechnoBuffalo, their uber sketchy source is saying that BBM for Android could be released later this year.

The bigger question is whether this matters to either Android or Blackberry users. If anything, most former Blackberry fans have moved on to Gchat or the millions of other chat services available on Android. In the same turn, BBM has always been premised on the exclusivity of Blackberry devices and may not work well as a service between two completely different mobile operating systems.


Outlook Not Good

I’m sure the news of a BBM app for Android is music to the ears of potential Android users still stuck on Blackberry devices. But RIM’s move towards and Android-centric business plan reflects the companies weak position in the mobile device market.

However, this isn’t the first time that RIM sought to associate their products with Android. Last year, the Blackberry Playbook received special software to allow it to run Android apps. Not that this matters since, at this point, the Playbook is considered largely a flop in comparison the iPad and other Android tablets.

Source: New BBM for Android Images Leaked, Reportedly on Schedule to Launch This Year” – TechnoBuffalo


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