Apr 25th, 2012 @ 9:15 am

Boost Your Productivity By Waking Up And Scanning Barcodes

I’m absolutely not a morning person. The other day I was so groggy that I accidentally made coffee but neglected to actually put any actual coffee in the filter; arguably the most critical component of making coffee. So, I was excited to discover Morning Routine, an app that supercharges your productivity by forcing you to scan barcodes to turn off your phone’s alarm.

I give this app major points for creativity. There are not many alarm apps that do more than the stock Clock app built into Android, with the unnerving exception of MorningBomb that sent a horrible text to you friends if you didn’t wake up in time.

Morning Routine forces you to scan a barcode to turn off your alarm.

How It Works

Morning Routine lets you set apps just like the Clock app, including the ability to set a recurring alarm, sound and volume. Once you’ve set up all the basics, you need to select what type of alarm you want to use: Regular, Scanning or Sequence.

Morning Routine gives you an option of three alarms to use.

Regular Alarms work just like every other alarm app, while both the Scanning and Sequence alarms will force you to scan barcode before the alarm will cut off. The idea is that you probably don’t have too many things with barcodes in your room, so you’ll have to get up find something to scan to cut it off.

Now, the Scanning Alarm will let you basically scan any barcode to turn off the alarm. The Sequence Alarm, however, is much more sinister. It requires that you pre-scan a number of items the night before and you must re-scan those items in the exact same order the next morning. Sounds like 15 shades of horrible if you ask me, but is an option for those that simply can’t seem to get out of bed in the morning.

Morning Routine lets you pre-scan barcodes for sequential alarms.


If all this wasn’t cool enough, the developer has built in some other handy features. Morning Routine will let you adjust the fade time for alarms (so they dont start at full blast). Plus, the app has an option for an Alarm Motion Softner that will decrease the volume as your walking around with your phone (so you don’t wake up everyone else still asleep).


The Wrap Up

The developer has made the app free for a limited time (it doesn’t even have ads), so I recommend downloading it now. The developer also has a big set of plans for the app like adding an option for those with home automation to do things like start your coffee maker for you.

This app is smart, simple and, hopefully, good enough to get yourself out of bed.

Free: Morning Routine

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