SparkNotes released their Android app last week and reminded me of what a terrible student I used to be. Basically, I’d wait ntil the night before the test of whatever book I was supposed to be reading for the past six weeks, scan a few pages on SparkNotes and try ...More


I’m a big fan of TED (Technology, Entertainment Design) Talks, which has the power to make you feel smart even if you aren’t so much. I seriously believe that TED Talks are just as much about compelling speakers as they are interesting subject matter (perhaps more of the latter). I ...More


For Students Only: Yasp! is a simple and minimal app for managing your class schedule and assignments. If you were a fan of apps like Any.Do or Instamusic, then Yasp! is right up your alley.   Yasp! basically lets you do two things: enter your class schedule and add assignments ...More

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