Like watching TV? Like, uh, earning points? Like turning those arbitrary points into a random gift card? Well, you’re in freaking luck my little companeros because Viggle is coming to Android. What the hell is a Viggle? Apparently it’s an app that allow you to “check in” to whatever you’re ...More


If you’ve been looking around for a reason to justify your “I think QR codes are cool” attitude, then Clik maybe the app for you. Clik is a difficult app to describe since it incorporates several different types of apps into one. The basic gist and purpose of Clik is ...More

NBC Android

I get really excited apps about apps from big companies and was eager to play with the new NBC Android app. However, my impression so far is less than optimistic and, according comments in the Android Market, I’m not the only one. NBC’s Android app is similar to most apps ...More

Verizon My FiOS

Verizon customers that subscribe to the the company’s My FiOS internet service will be happy to hear about the My FiOS App release for Android. My FiOS is a basically a catch-all app for anything related to the service: from controlling your DVR, to turning off the lights in your ...More

Portal Radio

I’m a sucker for anything Portal related; I like Portals. Portal Radio turns your phone into the radio from the original Portal, which I would describe as a Latin-Light Jazz fusion… or something like that. Free: Portal Radio


Holy crackers, I couldn’t stop laughing when I laid eyes on this app! Are you like me where you don’t like being interrupted during your $100 plate of wedding meal to use your silverware to tap the glass to get the bride and groom to plant one on the smacker? ...More

BroStache is probably the most significant Android app to date.

Always wanted a ‘stache’ but just can’t grow one. Have no fear – BroStache is here (Thanks Geico)! Need to be taken more seriously in that meeting? At biker bar? Nothing says “I’m one bad mamma jamma” like an awesomely wicked stache! So command that crowd! Lead the charge! Or just ...More

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