Webroot Sobriety Test

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… to get drunk and make an ass out of yourself. At least that’s what I plan on doing this year. Webroot Sobriety Test is a fun entertainment app that has a variety of challenge that are, honestly, tough enough if your sober ...More


When it rains it pours! That’s what they say. EDGE is a space-retro inspired 3D puzzle game that everyone will have installed on their phone in a matter of days; I’m like clairvoyant about this stuff. In EDGE you push your finger around the screen to guide a multicolored cube ...More

World of Goo

If you’re into indie games, then get excited about World Of Goo finally arriving for Android. World of Goo is a funny, quirky puzzle game that is actually really fun to play. Your goal in World Of Goo is to get your little balls of goo to some objective — ...More

Duck Hunt

This whole iPhone vs. Android argument is over: Duck Hunt has been ported to Android. Yes, my Friends, you can now hunt said ducks and get mildly annoyed with the dog that likes to laugh when you miss (but what does he ever contribute to the hunt?). I have a ...More

Magic Cube Solver

Maybe your getting old like me and starting to think about your bucket list or maybe you’re just one of those emo kids that like to get sad and think about death and stuff. I was going somewhere with this. Ah, Yes: Perhaps you’ve always wanted to solve a Rubix ...More


There are basically two categories of people: people that know what they’re doing and those that don’t. Guess which category I’m in? The developers of Raze, my new favorite game, know what the hell they’re doing. Now, they’ve listed Raze as an Action and Arcade game and the game can ...More

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

The runaway indie hit Minecraft has finally been released for the majority of Android devices. Previously, MineCraft: Pocket Edition has only been available for Sony’s Experia Play. This is huge for a few reasons: 1. Minecraft rocks — it is in the same vein as games like Portal and diverge, ...More

RPS Combat for Android

I really wasn’t sure what to think about Rock Paper Scissors Combat… I mean only losers like chess and only children decide things with Rock Paper Scissors (I prefer the “I saw it first” method of conflict resolution). But, Rock Paper Scissors Combat is like the melding the best of both ...More

Sky Castle 3D is eye candy for people that underestimate Android.

This is not a game… but I wish it was. Apparently, this developer created Sky Castle 3D as a demo to show of the graphical power of his Experia Play over his iPhone owning buddy that liked to talk smack. It’s hard to put into words how graphically impressive this ...More

DarkMaze is a fun puzzle game.

Usually I frown upon any game that involves balls or mazes because they’re generally boring after about 2 minutes. DarkMaze is a similar type of game but with a few twists. First, most of the board is dark and you only  have a small amount of light where ever the ...More

The objective in Jelly Wars is to destroy your opponent using exploding or bouncy balls.

Jelly Wars was just released for Android! Are you pee-in-your-pants excited? If you aren’t — that’s okay. I had never heard of Jelly Wars either when I saw it pop on the Market this morning. Jelly Wars is a multiplayer game from Star Arcade, where you are a jelly, which ...More

Harry Potter Drinking Game

I’m not sure if this is related to the U.K. riots or not, but our British devs love them some drinking games. Lewis Storey (@wirelesstoy) tweeted us to let us know about his Harry Potter Drinking Game that he just released in the Android Market. Obviously, if you like Harry ...More

7 Little Words is sort of a mix between a crossword puzzle and a word search.

According to the description from the developer, 7 Little Words was featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, which already made me wary of it… you know, as a guy. 7 Little Words is like a mix between a crossword puzzle and a word search. In 7 Little Words, you’ll be given ...More

iOnRoad is an augmented reality app that helps you from crashing into people.

I swear the developer of both iOnRoad and PicCash Banknote Googles, Picitup, are not paying me to write about their articles this week… but I’ll take their money if they want to give it. However, I have a feeling you’ll want to know about iOnRoad, because it is just that freaking ...More

The Android Static - Twitter Gate affair has kept the nation on the edge of its seat for weeks.

As you may know, Readers, last week we were greeted by our account being suspended on Twitter with no explanation and few answers. I submitted a support ticket and an e-mail today and am happy to report that the Android Static Twitter account has been restored.   In our overzealous ...More

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