There are a ton of great exercise apps for Android and while no app will make you magically lose weight apps are a good way to keep you organized and keep you on track with your health related goals. In that same vein, I like IDoMove because it is a ...More


C25K is an example of how well designed  apps can make a real difference in someone’s life. C25K, which stands for Couch to 5K, is an workout and running application that’s, literally, designed to move you from a sedentary lifestyle of fat assery to an active runner that can complete ...More

Giraph lets your track pretty much any personal data.

Numbers are sexy to some people because they transform subjective information into something kind of tangible. Now, depending on how much of a nerd you are, you’ll probably love or hate the idea of Giraph. Giraph is a simple statistic and data tracking program that allows you to chart your ...More

Instant Heart Rate is one of the most technically impressive apps for Android.

Often enough, I try to focus on new or recently release applications. I forget that a lot of visitors to our site are very new to using Android and are still discovering the incredible things they can do with Android. So, here’s a trick that you may not know about: ...More

Sleep As A Droid tracks your nightly sleep patterns.

I am not a morning person. Hell, I didn’t even know that people were still waking up before 9AM — save for farmers and the like. Obviously, I have poor sleep habits that are probably related to the 18 cups of coffee I drink each day. So, that’s a good tip ...More

Lose It! has been a very popular fitness app on iPhone and iPad.

If you’re already thin, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Fat people, however, should quake in their very large pants. Lose It!, the extremely popular weight loss app on iPhone and iPads, finally arrived on Android. Lose It! helps you create a weight loss goal and gives you a way to ...More

Track your progress from week to week.

Personal data tracking, that is, recording data about yourself and habits have been a real phenomenon in the past few years.  Although, I tend to think that data for the sake of recording data is a waste of time, I do think creating measurable progress is essential for achieving your ...More

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