Savored is a local reservations and discount app for restaurants that promises to save you up to 40% off your bill. So, if your human, like to eat and enjoy cheaper food this app is probably worth your time. Savored is a cross between a reservation and discount app; it’s ...More

HUDY Color

It isn’t often that I feature an app that something to do with driving, especially one that promises to give you an augmented view of reality. HUDY Color is an that displays all the vital driving stats that you need to know in a bold, neon format — the idea ...More

Guard My Angel

A few months back an S.O.S. app got some press for alerting your family or friends when you’ve landed yourself in jail. It’s funny to think about an app being the thing that keeps you safe or as something that actually matters in a real life-or-death way. Guard My Angel ...More


Placeme is an app that promises to “always remember the places you visit.” Well, if that isn’t a creepy enough tag line I don’t know what is. At first glance, Placeme sounds like your run-of-the-mill check in app right? Not so much. Placeme is actually not a social check in ...More

Relax Timer is an elegant sound machine app for Android.

The Lifestyle section of the Market is filled the brim of so-so sound machine apps that are filled with droll interfaces and poor quality loops. Relax Timer not only has some great loops but a pretty great interface. As is the norm with these apps, Relax Time is filled with ...More


Shut the front door and throw out your family’s cherished recipe books. Yes, Friends, it’s a bright new day for you internet foodies. ChefTap seeks to replace your ratty old recipe book by importing all your favorite recipes into one app. ChefTap gives you a few different options for adding ...More


Cuper Converter is an extremely minimalistic temperature (F/C) and distance (Ki/Mi) converter. There’s really nothing you can do with the app outside of those two things, but it’s pretty and, hell, that’s what really counts. Free: Cuper Converter

Space Kitchen Timer

Space Kitchen Timer is the type of timer they use in space, apparently. Space Kitchen Timer is a sexy timer app that has some cool features, like letting you save your favorite timers and using your accelerometer to control the app. Space Kitchen Timer is free, but the Paid version comes with ...More

Second Glass

I was really excited to see Second Glass in the Android Market because, to me, there isn’t really a great wine app for Android. Specifically, a great wine app that is designed for people that don’t know a lot about wine and that would help me remember the wines that ...More


Holy crackers, I couldn’t stop laughing when I laid eyes on this app! Are you like me where you don’t like being interrupted during your $100 plate of wedding meal to use your silverware to tap the glass to get the bride and groom to plant one on the smacker? ...More

Blippar combines augmented reality with creative marketing.

Hola, Sunshine. Cruising around the Android Market this morning when I came across Blippar, an augmented reality and marketing app. What’s that you say? What the hell is an augmented reality and marketing app? Apparently it is a thing called Blippar, because that I’m calling it. Augmented reality apps usually ...More App has a number of ways to discover new drinks.

I didn’t want to say anything… but I’ve noticed that some of you have been drinking a lot lately. You lushes. Or is lush already plural? Lushi? It still doesn’t change the fact that you’ve been boozing it up. But, since there seems to be an odd lack of Temperance Movement ...More


As a woman, shopping is in my blood. With the array of Android apps available to make shopping that much more awesome, I realized that the only thing I have to combat is impulsive buying, oh and sales. When the recession hit, I was out to continue my passion for shopping ...More

Penzu actually feels like you're using a journal.

Keeping a journal is an awesome concept, although… I might still make fun of you. I will never be the type of person that can consistantly write in a journal each day (enough though I attempt this every time I’m abroad). This isn’t to say I don’t think there is ...More

Lickety Split creates a game for your kids to do chores.

I don’t have kids; other people have them. Moreover, I have a policy of really not liking kids that, you know, aren’t in my family or mine. But, since everyone on Facebook seems so loves showing of their new babies, I though some of you might appreciate Lickety Split — an app ...More

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