Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper

This one’s hot off the press folks. If you’ve been trolling around your RSS feed this morning getting caught up on all things Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, then you’ll love the just released Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper, which does a pretty good job of mimicking the real thing. The live ...More

Circle Rose Live Wallpaper

Whenever I’ve had a girlfriend I’ve refused to buy roses. They’re cliche, expensive and quite a lame purchase. In fact, they rank high on my list of “Dissatisfying Purchases That Should Be Just Be Free.” Right up there with tires and coffee filters. Next time your lady friends suggests you buy ...More

London 2012 Live Wallpaper

A few months back I posted about Sparky Tweets Live Wallpaper, which was basically a cutesy way new way to receive your tweets within your live wallpaper. Well the same studio has come out with London 2012 Live Wallpaper that celebrates the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London this ...More

Wave Live Wallpaper

It’s rare that I see new live wallpapers that aren’t in some cube-like form lately, which is go-to standard for all crappy live wallpapers. Wave Live Wallpaper, however, is not only not crappy and not cubed but actually crazy beautiful and probably makes your phone 6 times cooler. That’s a ...More

Fresh Apps for Android

  Springtide Shower LWP This live wallpaper is from the same guys as the Ice Cream Sandwich inspired Phase Beam Live Wallpaper. Springtide Shower is a beautifully rendered rainy scene that is cute for any phone.   Be warned that this live wallpaper is a resource hog, so you’d better ...More

Halo Battery Live Wallpaper

I’m a big advocate of learning how to use your Android phone properly for maximum battery life, which usually means saying no to live wallpapers. However, Halo Battery life is different since it’s not only lightweight but keeps you up-to-date on your battery life. Halo Battery Live Wallpaper displays your ...More

Fresh Apps for Android

As some of you may or may not know, I am at an undisclosed tropical location de vacaciones. I, however, did not forget about you silly folks who still expect me to post up wonderful apps for your leisure and general enjoyment. Today, I’ve got three amazingly fresh live wallpapers ...More

3D Layer Live Wallpaper

If you’re feeling adventurous and have a reputation for using live wallpapers then you must try 3D Layer Live Wallpaper. This live wallpaper gives your home screen a slight 3D effect that is, conceptually, similar to your phone’s Gallery app. Thus, as you move your phone around you’ll see the icons and ...More


I was perusing the Android Market this morning when I discovered Circuitry Live Wallpaper, a mesmerizing and adorable live wallpaper that draws little circuits all over your phone. Well, they don’t so much draw themselves as grow. Either way, Circuitry Live Wallpaper has a few different options for changing the ...More

New Live Wallpapers from Android Static.

Feeling a little seasonally depressed this afternoon? Fret not boyo, I have three new live wallpapers that might turn things around for you today. Galaxy Light If you’ve ever read any of my posts on live wallpapers, you’ll known that I’m a sucker for anything space related. Galaxy Light is ...More

Exodus Live Wallpaper

Exodus Live Wallpaper is a beautiful live wallpaper of blocks that shift and move across the background. The wallpaper is rendered in 3D and looks incredible. Exodus lets you control pretty much any aspect of the blocks — from how fast the blocks fade away to block colors and background. ...More

Sensus Live Wallpaper

If you’re a big fan of the HTC Sense Live Wallpaper but don’t own an HTC Sense device you’ve been out of luck until now. Vectors and Pixels Indiegames have developed a pretty successful formula of creating live wallpapers based on Ice Cream Sandwich and it looks like the same ...More

Samsung Live Wallpapers

Samsung is such a strange company for so many reasons. They do things like release incredible products like the Galaxy S II, but can’t even provide a simple Gingerbread update for my Infuse 4G. Well, apparently a Samsung division in Dallas, TX has released some pretty beautiful live wallpapers into ...More

Paper Forest Live Wallpaper

Paper Forest Live Wallpaper is an artistic rendering of a forest that’s made out of paper. I mean what were you expecting? Coincidently, this is the same developer that ported the calculator app over from Ice Cream Sandwich. Paper Forest act like it’s night and day and even show off ...More

Phase Beam Live Wallpaper

There’s nothing like a juicy bit of Ice Cream Sandwich Live Wallpaper to start your week. Vectors and Pixels Indiegames has ported a version of Ice Cream Sandwich’s Phase Beam live wallpaper, which is pretty fantastic looking. Phase Beam looks like an initial release and, as some of the comments ...More

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