If you’re a big fan of Funny or Die, the popular comedy website run by Will Ferrell and some friends, you can now rejoice since the official Funny or Die Android app has been released. The app itself looks like pretty standard fare as far as video apps go. It ...More


So, I was sitting around the other day commenting to my friend that, sometimes, I get a little down because there aren’t enough animated GIF files on the Internet. It seems about 10 years ago, there’s been a dramatic decline in the number of spinning globes and animated constructor workers ...More

Mixest is your source for eclectic and indie tracks that you've never heard of.

I remember being in college. Twice in fact. I never felt particularly attracted to the liberal, hacky-sack and frisbee golf playing lifestyle. I’m too much of a realist and, naturally, loathe and look down upon those un-realistic types. So, as I’ve graduated and supposedly join the real world, I’ve actually ...More

See the Earth at Night... in 3D!

The Earth at night is probably awesome, but I haven’t seen it.  I was dredging around the doldrums of the Market and saw this kick-his-ass-Seabass live wallpaper that shows the FREAKING Earth… at night… in 3D… in a live wallpaper form. Free: Earth At Night 3D Live Wallpaper     ...More

Fix your embarrassing music collection.

Just imagine it!  You’re hanging out with a significant other you’ve just met and he (or she…) asks to see what you’re listening too.  They snatch your phone away from you and see, much to their disgust, that you don’t have the album art for that hot new jam.  Great ...More

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