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Today Samsung released a streaming music app called Milk Music.  They’re entering a field full of Goliaths on this one: iTunes Radio, Pandora and Spotify to name a few.  Stiff competition to be sure. I was shaking my head in pity as I downloaded this app.  Poor Samsung.  Why would ...More


When I was younger, I was totally in the know of any new music that came out, which song was popular and mess. Now that I’m past my mid-20s, it’s hard for me to keep track of who exactly sings what. Damn the folly of youth. If you’re getting like me, then check ...More


I’m not even going to bullshit you about this. I’m probably the most unqualified person to review LoopStack. In fact, I don’t even know what it does. Try that on for size. Of course, I’m joking since I actually know everything. Yup. LoopStack is a music looping application that allow you ...More


Big fans of minimalism should check out Instamusic, a recently released music player for Android that makes listening to music a beautiful, sexy experience. Now, to me, Instamusic is basically a clone of the popular Zune HD and Windows Phone operating systems, which isn’t a bad thing. According to the ...More

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I’m a critic. I critique things to expose their weak points, to examine how strong ideas are at their joints, at their connecting places. That’s where ideas always fall apart. I tried to explain this concept to a friend of mine who came up with a terrible idea for a ...More


If you’re into indie or eclectic sounds, then you’re probably half weird to begin and will appreciate an app like Hitlantis. Hitlantis is a crazy looking 3D radio app that shows bands according to their popularity. Now Hitlantis is both out there in terms of bands and concept. I’m almost sure you ...More


There’s a few great podcast players on the Market, but few good ones that are free. OneCasts, however, might be my new favorite podcast player because it’s incredibly simple to use. OneCast almost resembles a widget since the app is nearly transparent and shows whatever wallpaper you’ve selected as your ...More


Spotify! Shut up about it. I grow tired of hearing about how  much you all love it. However, if you are into Spotify and happen to also use SoundHound you’ll love SpotIn. Basically, you’ll identify a song in SoundHound and SpotIn will share that with Spotify so you can have that ...More

The Spreaker app lets you broadcast live from your Android phone or tablet.

Spreaker just began beta testing it’s Android app. Spreaker is a live podcasting service that, literally, let’s you broadcast yourself in a matter of minutes. Spreaker is an interesting concept since it becomes effortless for someone to become their own personal radio station from practically anywhere. Spreaker is built to ...More


Most music apps for Android suck and make music that, well, also sucks. Musiq, however, is not one of these apps and could be the coolest music app for Android. Period. Musiq is basically a big grid with squares. You click the squares and they will play like notes on ...More

PlayTool is a lightweight music controller for your default music application.

It is rare that I see an Android app that genuinely adds something to the awesome experience that is Android. Most apps are simply iterations or slight twists things that really already exist in Android. PlayTool is different. Basically, PlayTool is a lightweight application that brings up music controls for whatever music ...More

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