Best Daydream Apps

People with ADHD know there are little tricks to getting things done in life. I, for example, like to use neon colored Sharpies to take notes; brightly colored things tend to keep my attention. That’s what makes live wallpapers, and by extension, daydreams so fun — it’s like a mystical ...More


Like the MIUI feel but hate the hassle of flashing a new rom? Fret not, since a user over on XDA Developers has posted up the MIUI Launcher APK file that should work on most devices. MIUI is basically a version of Android based on the original work of the ...More

Lock Screen 7 mimics the look of the lock screen on Windows Phone.

I heart me some Android, but it doesn’t mean don’t occasionally admire other operating systems. Lock Screen 7 gives you a similar lock screen to Windows Phone. It isn’t exactly the same, but for a new app like this it’s pretty good so far. There aren’t any options for customization and Lock Screen ...More

Super Alarm clock has a number of tools in the bottom part of the screen.

I was cruising around the Android Apps and Games forum on XDA-Developers this afternoon and I saw a post from @beautiful_apps about Super Alarm Clock, which is still in a beta form right now. The developer is looking for beta testers right now, and I downloaded it on a whim. ...More

Color Wallpaper is a minimalist's dream.

Happy Tuesday Peeps. I recommend a lot of live wallpapers each week but, sometimes, we need to get back to the good ol’ days of static, non-live wallpapers; for dignities sake. Color Wallpaper is a simple wallpaper app that will help you do just that. Pick a color, any color ...More

"Pops" are animations that play when you receive a notification.

Yesterday, I tried to capture a few video of the Pops animation, but, obviously, was unsuccessful. The developer tweeted us to let us know that the have all the Pops up on Vimeo for your viewing pleasure. Thanks guys! Pops Videos

"Pops" are animations that play when you receive a notification.

Pops was just released on the Android Market and promises to be a favorite of people that love customizing their phone (and I bet this will be one of the top downloaded apps within a month’s time). Now, Pops is a weird concept and sort of difficult to wrap your ...More

Bubbleator is like a social media news ticker for your phone.

The vast majority of Android users have Facebook for Android on their phones and, if they’re cool enough, some even have Twitter accounts. There’s nothing wrong with using Facebook or Twitter apps on your phone, but there are actually several different ways to get your social network notifications. Bubbleator is ...More

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