Pure Breeze Photo

A few months back I told you about Samsung’s Pure Breeze Launcher, which was basically a train wreck of an app. Well, it looks like Samsung been back to the Lab (this is a pun you’ll get later) with their new app Pure Breeze Photo. Now I hated Pure Breeze ...More

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If you’ve been using Google Currents any you may have been exposed to some of the wonderful apps on 500px, the popular photography website. Google Currents does a pretty good job with 500px, but if you want a specific and minimal app to do the same thing then check out ...More

QuickSnap Camera

I am a man of simple tastes,which is why I like Quicksnap Camera. I’ll choose the plain jane stock Android over anything produced by HTC or Samsung. This includes the camera app that comes with most phones that’s usually an overly complicated beast that makes picture taking anything but easy. ...More


CutoutCam is a fresh camera app that lets you cut out portions of a photo to create a collage or “photo mashup” of sorts. It works by letting you take a photo of something and then select the the area you want to cut out the idea being that after ...More

Scoopshot for Android

Apparently one media company has taken the concept of local “iReporting” to a whole new level with Scoopshot. Basically, Scoopshot is an app lets newspapers and publishers create tasks for people to take photos (presumably of newsworthy events). You take a photo using Scoopshot and can sell it to that media ...More


Photo apps are all the rage right now. Being the geek that I am, I decided to pay for this app called BeBetter Photography. This app claims that they will turn you into a kick-ass photography pro on your Android phone. Not to mention, it’s on iOS and Blackberry platforms. ...More


It’s always sad to see iconic things of the past go by the way side, but interesting to see how they’re reimagined in today’s tech filled landscape. After all, we can’t live without cover art for our songs in iTunes but rarely do any of us buy an actual CD ...More

Label Plus lets you add cute labels to your photos.

Label Plus is a camera and photo app that adds cute labels to your photos. I featured a very similar app to this in one of our fresh app reviews called Label Box. Now, if you liked Label Box you’ll like Label Plus since they’re almost the exact same application. ...More

Paper Camera

  Camera apps are a dime a dozen for every operating (not just Android). Paper Camera adds something to the equation by offering filters and a tone different than all the Pixlr-o-mater or Picplz apps. Where as most camera applications take a indie, eclectic and retro tone Paper Camera is ...More

Pixlr-o-matic is a sexy, fresh new photography app for Android.

As if the Android Market wasn’t already filled with enough Photography and Photo Sharing Apps, Pixlr-o-matic just arrived for Android and, I’ll call it right now, is going to be a huge hit. Now, most of these photo sharing apps tend to use the popular iPhone app Instagram as an ...More

EasyAlarm is a beautifully designed alarm clock app.

Although it sounds a bit slutty and redundant, EasyAlarm Alarm Clock is actually a pretty solid alarm application. Now, there is, to me not a huge reason why you’d want to jump to a different alarm app than the one that came built into your Android phone. I was actually ...More

Pano for Android

There’s an endless supply of camera and photography apps for Android, and, at times, these apps are really trying to reinvent the wheel. Pano has a slightly different angle on what you can do with your photos and essentially transforms your phone into a wide angle lens to create impressive ...More


Came across an intresting app tonight called Topic Show, which promises “stunning photo pages from your Android photos and post them straight to Facebook.” I don’t know what that means. TopicShow lets you create webpages from your images (see an example here), and I suppose this will transfer those same ...More

PicCash couldn't recognize my Nicaraguan Cordoba.

PicCash Banknote Googles is a terribly awkward name for an application. Short, simple and sweet is the name of the game when deciding what to call your apps. However, in the spirit of providing my readers with apps that do have relevance and, honestly, do some cool shit, I wanted to ...More

MyArtMatch is an art discovery program that helps you figure out what you like best.

This app really isn’t for me; I got culture comin’ out the ying-yang. The rest of your cretins, however, could do with a little bit. MyArtMatch is both an app and a very new start up or something like that. I’d love to speak more intelligently about the company, but ...More

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