DayTrip is an app that feels like it should have already existed. DayTrip combines two apps I use everyday: A To Do List and Google Maps. The app picks up the location from all your events in Google Calendar and displays them as waypoints on a map, which I could ...More

Track Packages with Android

‘Tis the season for buying things on the Internet, and there’s absolutely nothing worse than waiting around for all those soulless Internet people to arrive with that thing you want really bad. Alternatively, if you’re into this holiday spirit stuff and purchase something for someone else you may want to ...More

Google Analytics

Blogging does not pay the bills. That two-and-a-half-year hiatus from a real job to become a professional blogger was less than lucrative, and apparently there’s no student loan deferment for “finding yourself” or something out of that lame ass Jason Mraz song. At my real money-paying job, I am an search ...More

InFoto for Android

I love infographics. Shit makes me feel smart.  If you’re equally into sites like then your face is going to explode off your skull when I tell you about the freshly release InFoto that creates kick ass infographics from all your phone’s data. Good news and bad news time. ...More

Morning Routine

I’m absolutely not a morning person. The other day I was so groggy that I accidentally made coffee but neglected to actually put any actual coffee in the filter; arguably the most critical component of making coffee. So, I was excited to discover Morning Routine, an app that supercharges your productivity by forcing you ...More


I feel like there’s certain things that are inherently hard to make cool. Stamps. Ladders. Tax Forms. I think you get what I’m after here. I’d say the same for most todo apps and tasks in general. Well fret not my little Android loving amigos, I have an app that’s about the ...More

WhatTheFont App

All you typophiles out there should perk up with the release of the WhatTheFont app that helps you identify all those apps you love. WhatTheFont is a web tool used to identify various font based on screenshots. WhatTheFont app takes this same idea a step further by letting you take ...More


You minimalist hipsters you. If you’re not clamoring over the release date of Instagram for Android you’re inventing things like doThis, an extremely minimal to do list for the discerning Android owner. This app is minimal to the point of almost not being an app. Based on the simplicity of the Now ...More

Clean Calendar Widget

If you’ve searching for the perfect Android Calendar Widget then take a gander at Clean Calendar Widget — a simple way to get the skinny on your ever evolving social, drinking or, if you must, work calendar. As some of you may know, I have a deep love affair with ...More


It is hard to believe that in 2011 (almost 2012) that it’s still a pain in the ass to print things from, uh, other things. Breezy promises to simplify that process by giving you cloud based access to practically any printer… with a few catches. First, while I don’t have ...More


Aside from a few guest writers here and there I am the main writer for Android Static. Like all creative positions, it can be difficult to feel inspired everyday, especially since most of our posts relate to apps that most other Android sites haven’t even heard yet. Now, creativity is ...More

Priority Notes

Priority Notes is a simple and minimal to do list and task manager that just arrived in the Android Market. Now, let’s be honest, there are literally 25 to do list apps released in the Android Market — from a development perspective it is easier to code than, say, a game. ...More


I don’t know how to correctly pronounce the name of this app. Man-e-ana? Man-yana? I haven’t had enough coffee or beer to determine what potential language this may be. Fret not companeros, it really doesn’t matter because if you like minimal task lists then you’ll like this app. In some ...More

Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator

This app to me is a bit of a snoozer, but you fans of all things may like Ice Cream Sandwich. Apparently, a developer on XDA has ported the calculator app from Ice Cream Sandwich that should work on Android 2.1 and above. I can’t say that there’s anything especially ...More

FedEx Mobile

FedEx has just released their FedEx Mobile app for Android that will make it easy to see where exactly all your packages and/or parcels are this holiday season. You can sign in with your FedEx account to track all your packages in a neat-o meter complete with all the location ...More

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