Comparison shopping is just a marketing buzz word for, well, regular shopping. After all, isn’t all shopping somewhat of a comparison in and of itself?  Well Saverr (someone got drunk with the spelling) promises to help you compare even more things through crowdsourcing the lowest prices on the things you ...More


I don’t often use shopping apps, but when I do they are amazing. Or something like that. Karma is a social shopping app that not only helps you remember birthday’s but lets you send gifts directly from your phone. Crazy, eh? Karma is a cute app. It’s well designed and the ...More


If I see anymore “deal” apps I am literally going to throw up. I will vomit all over this place. But you kids love em’ and I’m such a giver. Lotza is yet another attempt to create an app that can basically suck in all the local Groupon or LivingSocial ...More

Google Offers

Things I was excited about: Google Offers. Things that let me down: Google Offers. Google Offers is a new app from Google that lets you see all the local deals in your area. Obviously this is Google’s big foray into the whole local deals, Groupon, Living Social arena. It is ...More

Binggo lets you see Groupon and SocialLiving deals in one app.

Social coupon/local deal apps are all the rage right now and if you’re not already one of those extreme deal folks jumping into it can be confusing at first.  The two biggest right companies right now are Groupon and LivingSocial and while competition is great it’s also a pain in ...More


As a woman, shopping is in my blood. With the array of Android apps available to make shopping that much more awesome, I realized that the only thing I have to combat is impulsive buying, oh and sales. When the recession hit, I was out to continue my passion for shopping ...More


I was casually researching on the Market when my jaw dropped, and I immediately began to salivate more hardcore than Pavlov’s dogs when that bell would ring. Could it be? I can order my Five Guys burger from my Android phone. Heavenly bliss. Upon opening this app, I realized it was like ...More

Get access to all of your different Reward Cards in once place.

Key Ring Rewards Card is a fantastic little app that saves you the utter and complete shame of having to carry around a little plastic card on your key.  All you have to do is “scan” in your cards with your phone’s camera and then enter in the information for it ...More

EggDrop is like a mix between Ebay and Craigslist.

I’m a huge fan of Craigslist, as some of you may know.  But the anonymous nature of Craigslist transactions have even made me feel sketched out at times.  If you’re looking for something different and very new check out EggDrop, a program that helps you buy and sell things locally. Think ...More

Craigslist Notification 1

To some people, Craigslist is a seedy underground of scammers and unscrupulous types.  In other words, a damn good time to buy other people’s junk on the cheap! Craigslist Notification is the premier app for all Craigslist related activity and, even if you’re only marginally into Craigslist, this app will make ...More

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