If you work in the design field in any way, you’re likely to use colors and be pretty particular on the ones you choose. I do a little design work here and there and often I’ll see a certain hue that strikes. That’s how people in the industry talk. Color ...More

Field Visualizer

I’m easily impressed by science. Probably the product of all my collegiate training in useless liberal arts. I am familiar with things like magnets and Wifi signals. Previously, I had thought that these things were represented in models as lightning bolts or maybe a sparkly dust. Granted, I do not wear ...More

Core2 Management

There are two types of Android users. Those who bitch about battery life, and those that actually do something about it. I’ve done my fair share of bitching about the latter and have written several posts to help out the former. There’s always a balance in pursuing battery life savings. ...More

Ovo Timer

The team over at Ilumbo shot me an e-mail saying that they enjoyed reading my “quirky” review of their Ovo Timer app. Wow! Remind me not to robo-trip and decide to post things. I liked Ovo before but it’s starting to feel even more grown up than before. Along with ...More

Holo Compass

I’ve never really understood the purpose of compass apps. Nine times out of ten if you have a smartphone that’s working, you have a data connection and probably have GPS, which is like having a compass on crack. After all, Lewis did call Clark a basic bitch for using his ...More


Remember when walking around in a tweed jacket muttering into a handheld tape recorder was the ultimate sign of being an intellectual? Damn, I miss the days of yore. If you own an Android tablet and want to feel like a 1980s investigator, be sure to download Recordoid HD, which ...More


Usually I scoff at those folks who say, “What will developers and manufacturers think of next?” in awe of some new piece of technology. Despite my general curmedgeon-like attitude about this subject, I have to say I’m pretty damn impressed with the slew of new Android devices that support, of all ...More

Ovo Timer Android

Want a quick way to time your everyday tasks? Try Ovo Timer. This little app has a minimal interface, beautiful and simple styling and, well, it times things. Like really well. Ovo’s interface is minimal (in case you didn’t notice). To set your timer you move your thumb clockwise until ...More


Bartosz was nice enough to let me know that he’s release a Pro version of his beautiful Android barometer app, SyPressure. I’ve previously featured SyPressure, but Bartosz’s has assured me that this version is even better than the last (and the last one was already pretty cool). As I wrote ...More

NetworkCatcher Express

If you’re one of those nerdy types that enjoys telling people about your network connection speed then check out NetworkCatcher Express. The app itself is really your basic how-fast-is-Internet-connection app in the same vein as Cisco’s GIST and Data Usage Defender. NetworkCatcher Express (terrible name) doesn’t do much more than ...More

Trend Micro Longevity

In my fastidious opinion battery life goes hand in hand with Android. I’m on at least my sixth Android phone, and I still carry around a spare battery just in case I don’t have to charge up on the go. If it had one, I’d have probably punched my phone in ...More


I’ll admit that I recommend some eclectic apps from time to time, and I barely know what the hell a barometer does. But SyPressure is such a slick Android barometer app that, well, I had to write a post on it.   SyPressure is meant is actually intended to be used ...More

FaceLock For Apps

A few months back I wrote about FaceLock — an app that promised to bring facial recognition to pretty much any Android device with a camera. FaceLock actually turned out to be a disappointment since the app essentially didn’t work and development has all but ceased on it. Facial Recognition ...More

Super Dimmer

If you’ve ever had to look at your phone in the middle of the night you know how absolutely blinding it can be. As screen technology has improved so has brightness, especially with some of the Super AMOLED screens featured on Samsung devices. Now, we’ve talked about apps like Screen ...More


If you’ve been waiting for that perfect app to meld your love of Android with that of Dropbox, then wait no further, Sunshine. Syncly is a simple and free app that offers two-way syncing of all your phone’s photos on to your Dropbox account. I feel like I’ve covered about a ...More

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