A few months back we brought you a preview iOnRoad, which was an augmented reality app that could detect when you were about to smack into the back of the car ahead of you. Back when we tested it iOnRoad was still considered a beta program, but has now been ...More

The word Carmageedon keeps making me laugh, especially when CNN says it.  CNN suggests using Waze, which is a navigation program based on user generated data (e.g. people entering in things about traffic related goings-on), to overcome Carmageedon.  I’ve tried Waze in the past and, while I think it’s great ...More

Ulysse Speedometer has a ton of options and information on the main screen.

If you’re unimpressed by Amazon’s Free App of the Day, Dashboard Assist Pro,  Ulysse Speedometer is a kick ass alternative.  Designed for use in the car, Ulysse Speedometer is meant for you to use on your dash and displays all the vital car related stats you can imagine: current speed, ...More

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