Alfred is a fresh new app promises to help you “never miss places you love.” So, what does that mean exactly? Well, friend, I’m glad you asked. There’s no shortage of Android app that promise to help you learn about or discover new places — from social apps to Google ...More

AllTrails is a hiking and biking app for Android.

AllTrails Android app was just released. AllTrails is a “hiking and biking” app that helps you discover new hiking trails and paths in your area. If you’re into that whole outdoor and nature thing AllTrails is going to be an app you’ll want to have on your Android device. Me? ...More

Some of Lozzal's suggestions are hit-and-miss.

I can’t decide whether I consider Lozzal more of a social or map and geo-location program (since it tends to blend both). The concept behind Lozzal is interesting enough: based on your location the app will suggest things for you to do. Lozzal markets itself as a “local discovery” app, ...More

iOnRoad is an augmented reality app that helps you from crashing into people.

I swear the developer of both iOnRoad and PicCash Banknote Googles, Picitup, are not paying me to write about their articles this week… but I’ll take their money if they want to give it. However, I have a feeling you’ll want to know about iOnRoad, because it is just that freaking ...More

Foodspotting is a social network built on sharing the food you love.

Foodspotting, which is completely unrelated to Trainspotting, is going to be a hit with people who like to eat; and you bet your sweet ass that I like to eat. Foodspotting is a social network that allows you to take photos of the foods that you love and share them. ...More

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