I’m not sure if everyone got the memo but fall is pretty much here. My God, it was nearly 65 degrees the other day! That’s scarf and latte weather, folks. If you’re digging the temperature change and want a new take on a weather app,  then see Climatip, a tiny ...More


Weather does one, unsurprising, thing. Any guesses? Weather is a super single purpose app that just shows you the weather wherever you are and that’s pretty much it. Like most Weather apps, Weather pulls your GPS location and reports the forecasted weather. The app displays some beautiful, Sense like weather ...More


I sort of got a tablet recently and have been on the hunt for the absolute freshest apps around. I was trolling on XDA-Developers and saw a post for Recast, a beautiful weather app that looks great on Android tablets. As far as I know, there aren’t many weather centric ...More


There are a ton of weather apps available for Android and all pretty much just report the weather. However, there’s a new app called Coton that isn’t as much about reporting the weather as much as it helping you learn more about it. Coton is a cloud identification app — ...More


Every once and awhile you’ll browse the Android Market and see an app that just stands out. An app that says “If you don’t download me, I’ll probably punch you in the face.” 1Weather is that sort of app. 1Weather is an innovative and fresh take on how you’ll get ...More


Nooly is a new weather app that promises to localize weather, which is way better than nationalizing weather. See, if you had studied Political Science you would have found humor in that. But you chose History and now you’re joining the Peace Corps. Hurray for Student Loans! So what’s this ...More


I have a habit of choosing apps that I think are awesome or sexy, which are some of the highest ranked keywords for Android Static. Weddar, however, is best described as an adorable, maybe even cute, weather app that’s “powered by people.” Weddar is all about making something that’s incredibly boring, ...More

Weather+ for Android

Whether you like weather apps is irrelevant (see what I did there?). You must know the weather at all time and in all locations and it should be sexy. Weather+ is a seriously beautiful weather app for Android that could make you forget all about Beautiful Widgets. Weather+ is built for smartphones ...More

BeWeather is a beautifully designed weather app for Android.

Former Blackberry users that were in love with BeWeather will be happy to hear that the developers have released a version for Android. Unlike many of the non-serious weather apps we feature, BeWeather is a serious weather app for people that are, you know, really into weather. First, it goes ...More

Fling Weather for Android is styling similar to the default weather app on Android.

If you’ve recently made the transition from iPhone to Android you may find the experience jarring at first. Fling Weather will help ease this transition by giving you a weather app that is similar to the default weather app on iOS. Fling Weather mimics the iPhone Weather app but isn’t ...More

Sunny is a minimal weather app.

Since I’m so overwhelmed by your Android questions on Twitter, I decided to peer into my magic bag of fresh Android apps and see what I could find. I came across Sunny, an extremely minimalist weather app. You basically get to set a location and that’s it. No animations, options or anything ...More

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