You guys, I guess possibly gals, know that I love anything minimal; there’s just something wonderful when someone gets design right by only including it’s essential components. Well, fans of minimalism have something new to get exited about Twidget, a minimal Twitter widget. Some of our Readers may remember a ...More

Power Controls

Back in the olden days of Android, most folks controlled their wireless settings via the Power Control widget — a catch all of sorts for toggling your Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and the like. Most people now use the controls built into the notification bar, but if you’re looking for the ...More

Minimal Reader

Android Static is all about minimalism (just look at the site), and this absolutely extends to our Android phones. Minimal Reader is a well-designed widget that combines your love of RSS feeds and minimalism. Minimal Reader is really a widget, but it doesn’t feel like it since you can click ...More

9s-Weather has a great weather for Android.

As I often do, I’m going to arbitrary assume that half of you people have no idea what you’re doing. No where does this ring more true when it comes to a serious subject: your widgets. Half of you don’t even know what a widget is and are confused at the drop of a ...More

GPS Widget

I can’t find my left hand without my GPS. Stupid Robots. GPS Widget is a simple little widget that can give you quick information on your current GPS location, turn on your phone’s GPS and start up Google Maps. Best of all, it’s free. Free: GPS Widget


If you’re like me, you like that whole minimal, less-is-more thing that the kids are always talking about. Fact: If you don’t you probably should. If you’re looking for a way to get started in your new path towards awesomeness then look for further than any widget produced by Metatroid. ...More

Bookmarks Scroller lets you thumb through your favorite websites.

Last week I told you about Message Scroller, which was a scrolling widget that allows you to quickly thumb through your text messages. Bookmark Scroller, as you may have already guessed is from the same developer and lets you scroll through your web favorites. Again, you’ll need to have a ...More

Ice Cream Sandwich clock is the latest analog clock widget.

Looks like we’re already starting to see bit and piece of the Ice Cream Sandwich hit the web. One developer has already released a version of the analog clock widget from Ice Cream Sandwich (the latest version of Android for smartphones). The widget should run on all Android devices and, ...More


MIUI is a whole other story in an of itself, which you’ll need to Google because I don’t have time to catch you up to speed (because I’m kind of a big deal). The team over at Factory Widgets, who are great at creating widgets styled after HTC’s Sense and ...More

Android Pro Widgets is a collection of 16 HTC Sense-like widgets.

This will surely chaff some asses, but Android and iOS aren’t that different. Both let you make telephone calls, right? I rest my case. Widgets are one area that is somewhat unique to Android and has always been a big selling point for getting more done with your phone; you ...More

Month Calendar Widget is... well aptly named.

Simple things make me happy; little single purposed objects that do my bidding and do it well. Month Calendar Widget, which was like totally just released, is a free super simple calendar widget. Now when I say simple, by God, I mean simple. The widget isn’t connected to any calendar ...More

CoolNote 1

Sticky Notes or Post-It Notes, whatever they are called, have jumped ship to a host of different operating systems and devices, including Android. There are a few other applications similar to CoolNotes, namely ColorNote Notepad and Quick Note, but the factor that separates CoolNotes is its customization.  CoolNotes lets you download ...More

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