Sep 26th, 2012 @ 8:35 am

Use Climatip To Know What To Wear Based On The Weather

I’m not sure if everyone got the memo but fall is pretty much here. My God, it was nearly 65 degrees the other day! That’s scarf and latte weather, folks. If you’re digging the temperature change and want a new take on a weather app,  then see Climatip, a tiny little app that shows you what to wear.

The app is similar to the Mac app Swackett; Climatip will grab your location and give you a just-for-you message on what to wear with a cutesy minimal icon.

Maybe I don't want to keep my shirt on Climatip.

Consider yourself warned — this little app is bossy and advised me to keep my shirt on. Well, no one is the boss of me, Climatip. I love the neon screens but some of the messages are a little confusing or possibly in a version of English that I don’t understand.

If the app says wear cut off jeans wear cut off jeans.

Anyway, I was surprised this app didn’t get picked up sooner, but I highly recommend it for you indecisive morning folks that want to know what to wear.

Free: Climatip

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