Jan 13th, 2012 @ 11:55 pm

ClockSaver Turns Any Phone Into A Minimal Desk Clock

ClockSaver combines two of my most important loves into one app: minimalism and bullshit to play with on my desk. Clock Saver is a replacement app for stock apps often included with HTC and Samsung phones.

ClockSaver is a replacement dock and clock app that focuses on the basics.

ClockSaver is all about getting back to the basics — displaying the weather, time, date and  next alarm. There are no options for colors, backgrounds or anything else; just a black background and white text.

The app is probably a very new release and the developer has already begun working on support for themes. Additionally, ClockSaver can display incoming text messages and any current song you might be playing.

ClockSaver turns any phone into a neat desk clock.

As I said, this app is new so these features aren’t particularly robust or anything that is going to make or break your decision to use ClockSaver.

Personally, I’m giving the developer a big ol’ “Hey man, Good job,” for sticking to the basics and giving away this app for free.

Free: ClockSaver

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