Nov 12th, 2012 @ 9:30 am

Cloud SMS Easily Sends Texts From Your Tablet

If you’re lucky enough to own an Android phone and tablet (like me) then you’ll know how difficult it is upon deciding which one to use. Obviously some tasks are better suited to each. Most people are unaware that their tablet is not a phone. Surprised? I knew you would be.

But let’s say you wanted to do phone stuff on your tablet- specifically, send text messages via your phone but with your tablet. Well, Cloud SMS is a wonderful little app that will let you do just that.

Cloud SMS lets you text from your tablet.

Cloud SMS Keeps It Simple

Cloud SMS isn’t a unique app. There are certainly other apps that do the same thing. But what’s great about this one is that it keeps things as simple as possible — no bullshit sign ups or account creation, no gaudy design that borrows from the worst parts of iOS — just a simple, stock Android inspired theme.

Even better is that Cloud SMS actually works. I had a chance to play around with it for a few days and, sure enough, whenever I got a text on my phone I received it on my tablet. That’s really the best part of an app like this — single purpose, clean design and actual functionality.


How Cloud SMS Works

As I mentioned above, Cloud SMS requires practically no set up. You only need to install the app on your phone and tablet. Cloud SMS uses your Google Account to send messages between your devices. You’ll need be signed into both to have this work.

The neat (and strange) thing about this app is that it doesn’t require any direct connect between your phone and tablet. To be honest, I’m not really sure how Cloud SMS works or what service it’s using (I’ve contacted the developer for some details and will update you later).

What I do know is that the app runs as a service on both your devices (so expect to keep this one running if you want it to work properly).

Cloud SMS feels just like the stock Android messaging app.

Using the app is a zip from your tablet. Again, if you’re on a stock version of Android you’ll feel right at home. One initially confusing aspect of Cloud SMS was that it defaulted to a Contact selector if you wanted to send a text message — in other words, there was no way to text a number if it wasn’t in your contacts.

Luckily, the developer included an option within the settings that allows you to select your Contact List style (I recommend keeping this on Contact Search/Number Entry).

The app includes a few other settings that are fun like a choice of a light and dark theme and an option to encrypt your messages. It supports more than one Google account (although I can’t think of too many people that will use this option between their phone and tablet).

Cloud SMS has a few options on both the phone and tablet side.

The Wrap Up

If you hate picking up your phone all the time to send text messages, then Cloud SMS is a perfect app for leveraging and using your tablet in place of your phone.

Cloud SMS is a paid app but is a steal at only a dollar. Its simple interface integrates perfectly with Android and the app is perfect for those that don’t dig creating a Google Voice account.

Paid: Cloud SMS ($0.99)



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