Jul 13th, 2011 @ 3:25 am

Craigslist Notification: Stop Making Me Buy Things That I Want

To some people, Craigslist is a seedy underground of scammers and unscrupulous types.  In other words, a damn good time to buy other people’s junk on the cheap!

Craigslist Notification is the premier app for all Craigslist related activity and, even if you’re only marginally into Craigslist, this app will make you feel like a Pro.  The concept is simple: enter the regions that you live in or where you want to search and then create a search for whatever you’re looking for.  Craigslist Notification will periodically search those locations for any listings that you’ve put in.  The result is that when that red tricycle or keg-erator you’ve been looking for gets posted at everything-must-go prices, you can know about it sooner than most people.

Another reason I love this app is that the developers are constantly updating it and adding functionality and tweaks; which is something to consider when deciding whether or not to buy an app.

The Free version is Ad supported and buying yourself a copy of the Pro or “Contribution” version will remove the Ads at the bottom.  The upgraded version is pricy at nearly $10, but it would easily pay for itself if you do a lot of business on Craigslist.  Generally speaking, the Ad-free versions of Apps can be slightly faster since your tablet or phone isn’t having to download the extra data.

Free: Craigslist

Paid: CraigslistNotifica Contribution ($9.99)


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