Jan 23rd, 2013 @ 9:09 pm

DayTrip Shows Your Calendar As Google Map Locations

DayTrip is an app that feels like it should have already existed. DayTrip combines two apps I use everyday: A To Do List and Google Maps. The app picks up the location from all your events in Google Calendar and displays them as waypoints on a map, which I could see being useful if you were the running-around-town type that had to make several stops in a given day.

DayTrip displays your to do list a series of weight points on Google Maps.

I took a couple of screenshots with the app, and it looks fantastic. DayTrip is has one of those funky slide-out-from-the-bezel toolbars that gives you a list of your daily calendar events in a simple and clean format. It’s worth mentioning that for this app to work, you’ll need to have a location set within an event in Google Calendar, otherwise it has no idea where a given appointment is taking place.

If you tap the Map button or slide to the left, you’ll pull out the full Map view that has waypoins for where your event will take place. DayTrip draws a little line between your events to give you a visual layout of where your events are.

DayTrip displays your events as waypoints.


If you tap on anyone of the events you’ll get an option to navigate there from your previous event, which is pretty damned handy. DayTrip has support for multiple calendars and does all the snazzy 3D and tilt stuff that Google Maps does.

Now for the bad part: DayTrip is partially a paid app. The free version of DayTrip will display only the current day’s appointments, which is probably fine for most people. But if you want to look ahead to the next day or beyond you’ll have to upgrade the premium version, when it exists. I looked around Google Play wasn’t able to find the paid version of DayTrip, but I’d guess the premium version will be coming soon.

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