Developers, Android Static

Android Static prides itself on providing unbiased news and reviews on applications for the Android platform.  Generally speaking, we rarely feature or write about applications that we do not like.  Whenever possible we contact Developers prior to app reviews being published and always encourage developers to contact us for corrections (if we happen to get something wrong).

How Do We Select Apps to Review?

Typically, this occurs in one of three ways:

  1. If your application is free and in the Android Market or Amazon App Store, we will try to e-mail you when the article is published.
  2. If the paid version of an application seems interesting enough, we e-mail developers to request information, a media kit, any screenshots and the APK file.
  3. If you have an app you want to submit, you can use the form below to supply us with relevant details and upload a zip file with your APK and screenshots.


Frequently Asked Questions and Issues for Developers

What happens with my APK file after the Review?

Full versions of applications as APK files are never redistributed in any form and are not physically located on  Files are held in a secure location for review and then subsequently deleted.  This ensures that your application is secure with us and ensures that we have an updated version of your application for review.

I am guaranteed to get a favorable review?

No.  We do not give favorable reviews just because you submitted an app.  However, the inverse is that we rarely feature any application that we don’t like.  The best case scenario is that you receive some fairly amazing publicity for your application and worst is that your app just isn’t featured on the site.

Can I pay you for favorable review… under-the-table like?

Yes. No!  But, you can advertise with us as a Promoted App.  The difference is that Promoted Apps let our readers know that it is sponsored and no tomfoolery has taken place.  Head over to Advertising.