Mar 23rd, 2012 @ 4:05 pm

doThis Is A To Do List For Uber Minimalists

You minimalist hipsters you. If you’re not clamoring over the release date of Instagram for Android you’re inventing things like doThis, an extremely minimal to do list for the discerning Android owner.

doThis is so minimal, it's almost not an app. Whatever that means.This app is minimal to the point of almost not being an app. Based on the simplicity of the Now Do This, doThis is designed to let you focus on the tasks at hand rather than, well, anything else. The app lets you write in your tasks in a line-item format (meaning you’ll need to return to jump to the next line and, thus, enter a new task).

doThis keeps things light, maybe too much for some.

Once you’ve got your tasks entered, doThis display a single task a time and you can either tap it to mark it as done or skip it. That’s it. This is the type of app you either love or hate. On the one hand, doThis’s spartan interface and set up is designed to keep you productive and might be helpful for you ADHD types.

Other the hand, doThis will quickly become a pain to use if you need an app that handles more than day or sync with your task list (see Do It (Tomorrow), Any.Do or Rundotodo). If anything, doThis is really intended for all those tasks you need to do today.

Free: doThis 

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