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Sep 7th, 2013 @ 1:40 pm

Dots Connects Beautiful Design with Addictive Gameplay

I’m not a serious gamer on my phone.  I play Chess Time daily (hit me up for a game,by the way – screename: therhoades), but other than that I just can’t seem to seriously get into any other games.  I’ve tried lots, but none of them have really… connected with me.


So I feel like I need to say a quick word about the game Dots: A Game About Connecting.  Why?  Because this game is beautiful and it’s fun as shit.  If those two things don’t get you to click “Install” then I don’t know what will.


The game is gorgeous.  The clean design and perfectly simple sound effects allow the user to be fully immersed in the experience – and the experience is addictive.  As soon as the title screen pops up you’ll be captivated by the relaxing, Zen-like quality of the design; but be warned: the gameplay is going to cause sweaty palms brought about by intense stress.

                                main screen        main page 2


I won’t spend lots of time talking about gameplay, because it should be pretty straightforward: you connect the dots.  You make the connections in straight lines only – diagonal lines are not an option.



Don’t settle for merely connecting the dots in straight, horizontal or vertical lines; the real power of this game comes in making squares.  So make squares!  Big squares, little squares – I don’t give shit how big the squares are; just find and make squares – rectangles have the same effect.  When you make a square then you collect all the dots of the same color of your square and they come off the grid.  Cha Ching!  See, the dots you collect in the game are like currency.  And with it you can purchase power-ups like Time Stops (pauses the clock for 5 seconds), Expanders (remove all dots of single color) and Shrinkers (removes any single dot from the board).  And if you don’t collect enough dots via skillful gameplay to satisfy your insatiable hunger for power-ups then you can purchase more… with real money.  Hey, developers gotta eat!




What’s a game without comparing yourself to other people to make you feel like shit about yourself?  Seriously, my wife kicks my ass in this game and she let’s me know how inferior I am to her – it’s hurtful!

Dots allows you to see scores of your Twitter and Facebook friends, as well as the highest scores from players across the globe.  You can also earn trophies and share your sweet success on Twitter or Facebook.  I like that Dots can be played casually; but you can also give yourself completely over to it and obsessively try to be the most powerful Dots player on the planet.

              Screenshot_2013-09-05-22-53-16   Screenshot_2013-09-04-22-10-31   Screenshot_2013-09-05-22-51-11


Bottom Line 

If you want a fun, addictive and aesthetically beautiful gaming experience on your mobile device, then Dots is for you.

FREE: Dots: A Game About Connecting  (ad free)



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