Aug 25th, 2011 @ 7:29 pm

Droidin – Everything The Official LinkedIn App Should Have Been

Lord knows having one more social networking site is a pain in the ass. Learning each eco-system is daunting and totally draining. Fortunately, the folks at Droidin make surfing Linkedin much less painful.

LinkedIn’s native app is a hot pile of mess. Even prior to the recent update, I found myself with a lifeless and mildly-space wasting app. I never opened it and frequently found myself at a computer, where I could read half of the text that wouldn’t display on my phone.I have a phone that has a 4.5 inch screen. Yes, it’s that bad.

First Impressions

The homescreen was simple, easy to read and appropriately labeled. I didn’t feel like I had to scroll through menus to find what I’m looking for. I clicked “update” to find that it’s actually the feeds from my Linkedin. Each of my contacts had their vivid profile photos displayed (my screenshot shows the Droidin guy for their privacy) along with their tagline and title. It was very easy to find out what they’ve been up to as well as start a conversation.


The inbox having tabs was a great comfort for an OCD manic like me. If I cannot distinguish what I’m looking at, I tend to lose interest. This format that Droidin has set up gives you both message and invitation tabs. Replying is pretty quick and easy however, I wish there was an option to send them an email versus a message on Linkedin.


Groups are still a big question mark for me. Sometimes I find them engaging, other times I see them as victory badges on my Linkedin profile. Regardless, Droidin gives me an option to keep in touch with the groups I’m apart of. I found the groups page to be inviting and makes me actually want to click on the groups I seldom visit.

My favorite part of the app: it lets you search for a job. How more useful can you get? Not only does it keep you in touch with your Linkedin buds, it helps you find a job! In the type of economy we’re in, this is definitely an app that encourages ambitious job searching on your Android.

The last and finale cherry on top of this awesome app is the contacts feature. You can browse your Linkedin contacts very easily and there’s no additional steps to view their profile: just click on their name and there you go. This comes in super handy when you’re trying to reach that one person or accidentally butt dial them. Hitting that star makes them a favorite and their photos display beautifully so you know who’s your favorite. Either way, the contact sync is handy.


This app comes in a free and paid pro version. After using the pro version, I have to say that it definitely is worth the $1.99. The contact sync alone is worth it, let alone all the ads were gone. I found myself drawn to Droidin as my go-to app for LinkedIn. Even with the new update to LinkedIn’s native app, I can’t say I’m a fan. I need to be convinced that LinkedIn truly wishes their users to have a full and rich interaction like the one Droidin provides.

Free: Droidin

Paid: Droidin Pro


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