Oct 22nd, 2011 @ 3:30 pm

EasyRSS Is A Fast And Simple RSS App

News Junkies: EasyRSS is a lightweight RSS app for Android that integrates with your Google Reader account. As the name suggests, EasyRSS is easy to use and its simplicity is one of my favorite features.

EasyRSS is a simple Android RSS app.

In most ways, EasyRSS is a typical RSS application: Google Reader integration, simple styling and pretty much all the sharing functions you’ve come to expect in an app like this. What makes EasyRSS stand out though is its ease-of-use for folks that maybe still find the concept of Really Simple Syndication confusing.

EasyRSS's styling is easy on the eyes and focuses more on reading your feeds than needless features.

EasyRSS gives you three slidable views for your favorites and tags, a list of feeds by source and a list of your unread items. Another striking thing about EasyRSS are the neat-o animations that you’ll get when you switch between news stories. EasyRSS doesn’t try to break the mold in terms of RSS apps, which some of you might find to be a good thing and for anyone looking for a simple RSS app that focuses more on reading than features, you can’t go wrong with this one.

EasyRSS loads images via Wi-Fi only or anytime using your data connection.

Free: EasyRSS


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