Mar 27th, 2012 @ 10:12 pm

EpiCons Can Be Your Photo App When Instagram Becomes Too “Mainstream”

I get it. The whole Instagram thing and ever popular undying love of anything vintage. As with all hip and trendy, however, you run the risk of looking completely passé and kind of douchy. So when you, Good Reader, tire of your photo filter apps and want to return a regular non-filtered existence check out EpiCons, an alternative to your traditional photo filter and sharing app.

EpiCons has the eclectic community feel you're after sans the bullshit filters.

Basically, EpiCons is a photo sharing app that has an eclectic feel of Instagram without all the bullshit faux retro filters. EpiCons is short for “Episodes of Consciousness” that is self described as “a photo community where users assign their photos in a shared time stream.” Whatever that means. Again, eclectic feel, no filters.

EpiCons app is basic to say the least, but that's also a core part of the concept.

All EpiCons aside, basically the app allows you to create shared albums with your friends that are mostly centered around events or place like a concert or city.  The idea itself is cool, not groundbreaking, but cool. EpiCons is very much more about tone and feeling instead of innovative new features.

EpiCons is, without a doubt, basic. But if you just care about sharing your photos with your friends then it’s almost perfect. The app lets you add your photo, view others and take shot directly from your camera, which are really the most important features you’d want in an app like this.

Plus, EpiCons supports importing from both Picaca and Flickr accounts, meaning you don’t have to choose between a new photo service and EpiCons.

EpiCon's interface is basic, but it gets the job done.

One word of warning though, EpiCons is based in Europe (Germany to be exact) so it’s likely your American friends will need some convincing to download it.

EpiCons, like all new social apps, doesn’t have a ton of users yet. But this could change if you can convince your friends to start using it. EpiCons is completely free and doesn’t even have ads.

So if you’re all about not following the crowd with your app choices, this one makes a good start.

Free: EpiCons

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