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Jan 11th, 2013 @ 8:56 am

Feedly Updated, Incredibly Awesome

I’m calling it. As of today Feedly is the best news app for Android. Today Feedly finally moved from the languishing doldrums of beta to a polished and sexy final release, which, in my book, makes it now the creme de la creme of Google Reader clients.

Feedly is a beautiful, minimal client.

I used Feedly when it was in beta and the app honestly left much to be desired. As most Google users do, I principally used Feedly as a client for Google Reader; it’s so much easier to sign in once in to my Reader account, pull down all my RSS feeds and not have to tediously enter each feed on my phone. The problem with Feedly in beta however was that it intermittently forgot my login information, making it a pain in the ass to read anything.

The design of the beta version was fine enough, but between the extremely minimal styling and gestures it was difficult figure out what you had already read.


What’s New in Feedly

The new Feedly, however, is filled to the brim with easy-to-understand features and has a simple enough design cues to make it easy navigate and use. The biggest change in the new Feedly is that it’s set up in a series of cards (not unlike the feel of Google Now or Flipboard). Each card is composed of five news articles that you can mark all as read with a single swipe from right to left. Feedly’s panels or cards make it easy to sort through a number of articles quickly, since there’s only a faction of articles in your feed that you feel like reading.

Feedly sets up your RSS feeds as a series of cards.


Feedly was built to use your Google Reader account and the app retains it’s sidebar of colorful folders that make sorting through categories easy. A quick click of the arrow button allow you to individually select a feed.

Feedly displays your Google Reader folder in a wonderful vegetable melody of colors.


Sidebars that pop out from the side are becoming popular on Android, and Feedly has both sides covered. If you flick from right to left you can pull out Feedly’s new sidebar from the right that displays a number of categories for discovering new RSS feeds.

Feedly has a new feature that let's you discover new RSS feeds.


I love Feedly, but the app does require a little learning to all of it’s gestures. I discovered how frustrating this is when I scrolled down to far on an article (which automatically closes it). Once you get used Feedly’s gestures you can navigate through a lot of articles in a short time.

Reading articles on Feedly is simple and easy with only the most basic options to view the article in browser and share. Feedly comes with native Pocket, Instapaper and support (the last one makes me scratch my head a little). Feedly also comes with a sweet widget that both makes me happy and intellectually stimulated.

Feedly's reading experience is simply beautiful.



Feedly: The Wrap Up

This is beautiful app that deserve a home on any device. If you’re a fa of great design, minimal layout and simplicity then you’ll enjoy falling in love with it.

Free: Feedly

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