Nov 7th, 2012 @ 1:29 pm

Field Visualizer Shows You How Magnetic Fields and Wifi Network Look

I’m easily impressed by science. Probably the product of all my collegiate training in useless liberal arts. I am familiar with things like magnets and Wifi signals. Previously, I had thought that these things were represented in models as lightning bolts or maybe a sparkly dust. Granted, I do not wear glasses nor pocket protectors. Oh, I also have a girlfriend who I can have sex with pretty regularly. There are some benefits to not taking that whole Math and Science track.

Field Visualizer allows you to see magnetic and wireless fields.

Even you normal sex-having people can appreciate an app like this one. Field Visualizer displays a 3D mesh overlay of magnetic fields and WiFi signals. The app uses your phone’s electronic compass to determine the the strength of a magnetic field. This data is then overlaid onto a camera preview of whatever you tested. So you can visually see the magnetic fields of your laptop or wireless router or anything else you feel like. I, however, would not recommend trying this with your couch or an apple as, apparently, these things don’t have magnetic fields.

Field Visualizer could make for a great learning tool... for kids.

Field Visualizer isn’t exactly a tool of any type, but it is probably enough to impress your friends. I personally think this app is perfect for teaching kids about magnets and other things you can’t see.

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