May 14th, 2012 @ 9:35 am

Fresh Apps For May 2012

Android Static's Fresh App Reviews

Each week I try out thousands of apps just a’ searching for ones to satisfy my app hungry readers. Okay probably not thousands, but it feels like it sometimes. Here are my picks for some kick ass fresh apps for May 2012.


1. Reddit By Brian

So there’s this guy. He’s likes Reddit. His name is Brian. He made a Reddit app called Reddit by Brian. It sounds like this would suck, but the app itself isn’t half bad. In the same spirit of apps like Redditsync, Reddit By Brian is simple, minimal and thus pretty sexy.

Reddit By Brian

Free: Reddit By Brian



Keeping in the spirit of simple and minimal, Notes is yet another note taking app but that at least is Ice Cream Sandwich inspired. If you like simple note taking without the account required for programs like Evernote, then the aptly named Notes make a good choice.

Notes is a minimal Ice Cream Sandwich inspired app.

Free: Notes


3. Twit Wall Free

Really into Twitter? Twit Wall Free turns your background into a composite of all your Twitter followers photos. Why you’d want to do this I have no idea. There’s a free and paid version… download the free one.

Twit Wall creates a composite of your all your follower's avatars.

Free: Twit Wall Free


4. Color Blades Live Wallpaper

You guys know I love me some live wallpapers, especially pretty ones. Color Blades Live Wallpaper shows a series of shifting panels with rotating colors that’s pretty impressive looking. Color Blades is not a free app, but the app’s only a buck.

Color Blades Live Wallpaper shifts slowly in the backgrounds, creating a stunningly beautiful effect.

Paid: Color Blades Live Wallpaper ($0.99)


5. Pattrn

You designer types will fall in love with Pattrn. Pattrn pulls some of the awesome patterns created on You can browses through patterns, which is fun in an of itself, but also set them as your background wallpaper.

Pattrn lets you set patterns from Color Lovers as your background.

Free: Pattrn


6. Big Android BBQ

If you’re into Android then you probably already know about the Big Android BBQ, which is an all out geek fest for Android lovers. They’ve released an official app, which at this point is just a countdown widget until the BBQ happening on October 19th. It’s not much to look at now but it’s likely to be updated soon.

The Big Android BBQ app right now is just a widget.

Free: Big Android BBQ


7. ICS Stopwatch

It’s apparently raining ICS inspired apps. ICS Stopwatch is an extremely minimal stopwatch app that is 1. Awesome and 2. Ad Free. I love single purpose apps like this. I’m going to go time some things right now.

ICS Stopwatch makes gives timing things a decidedly minimal feel.

Free: ICS Stopwatch


8. Display Filter

This app is basically a carbon copy of Screen Filter, but if you had a grip against that app then this might be a good substitute. For those that don’t know some Android devices, especially Samsung phones, can be eye-searingly bright. Display Filter reduces the brightness to normal non blinding levels, which is perfect for using your phone at night, in the bed, etc.

Display Filter reduces the brightness of your screen.

Free: Display Filter


9. Living Lights Live Wallpaper

If you were a fan of the Phase Beam and HTC Sense Live Wallpapers, then Living Lights will make your week. It’s basically a rosey colored version of the bokeh effect. The free version is sparse on any option, but you can upgrade for a buck if you really like it (comes with an option to choose your own background).

Living Lights live wallpaper has a pretty bokeh effect.

Free: Living Lights Live Wallpaper


10. Vibratify

Like keeping your phone on silent but want a few more options when it comes to vibration mode? Vibratify will let you choose custom vibration options to remind you whenever you, well, need reminding.

Vibratify lets you customize vibration notifications.

Free: Vibratify


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