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Genius Scan Is A Simple To Use Mobile Scanner That Makes

There are certain things that will make me not like you if you do them. One of them is asking me to fax you something like this is 1823 and everything is made out of metal and we worry about polio or something. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times — you’re not the boss of me, history.

I bring up faxing because people don’t understand what a pain it is to take something made of paper and make it electronical. Fax machines aren’t the most ubiquitous devices these days and, frankly, I’m not even sure they work. A better solution is using an app like Genius Scan, which can “scan” in pretty much any document you want using your phone’s camera.

Genius Scan allows you to scan in pretty much anything as a document.

Newsflash folks — you can “scan” in pretty much everything all the time with no extra apps required; it’s called taking a photo, which is what I thought Genius Scan was at first. However, I was pleasantly surprised the Genius Scan does far more than simply let you take photos. The app works by converting your documents into PDFs and JPG files. Since the camera itself takes JPG files (which are really just photos), it’s more useful as a PDF creator.

Genius Scan is special for a few reasons. First, it’s actually an app designed to work with documents — whether that be a sheet of paper or an article out of a magazine. The result is that app can compensate for your marginally crappy photo taking skills by adjusting the page frame and adjusting for perspective.

Genius Scan lets you scan in documents or even magazines.


In other words, Genius Scan was actually designed to transform pretty much anything you want into a document without too much hassle. Once you’ve scanned in an image, the app even does a little post processing to bring out the best quality, and the images I took look great on my desktop (and significantly better than if I had used a fax machine).

Everything that you snap stays on your device (there’s no cloud option), so you can send files directly from your phone or any other service you have installed (e.g. Dropbox).

Genius Scan lets you export or share to anything you have installed on your phone.

Genius Scan isn’t an app that’s heavy on options — it’s very single purposed in its design and should take you a few minutes to understand. Overall, the app is well designed, easy to use and should be a breeze for most people to manipulate.

Genius Scan lets you organize your scans into various documents, sort of like notebooks.

The Wrap Up: Genius Scan

I always hesitate to mention bugs in app reviews since often, and especially on Android, it can be device specific. The only negative thing I could find about Genius Scan was its actual scanning ability, which was sort of hit-or-miss on my device with the camera function force closing almost as soon as it opened.

At the same time, Genius Scan is a very new app and it’s difficult to develop for a number of different devices without there being hiccups along the way. The other big plus is that the developers strike me as not being douchebags, but actually kind of cool guys who’d rather hear about issues you have with Genius Scan rather than not giving a damn.

Genius Scan will cost you one American dollar and available for purchase in Google Play.

Paid: Genius Scan ($1.00)

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