Aug 13th, 2011 @ 12:33 am

GetJar – An Android Market Alternative for Free Apps

Love free apps? I think the keyword here is: apps. GetJar is the second-largest Android app market outside of home base (the official Android Market) and offers some formerly paid apps for free. Both of which I totally welcome.

Although GetJar doesn’t have a massive library, it’s a hit or miss. You can find the top 100 best apps on Android Market on their site but a few wild cards make it worth a peek.

Strange that GetJar does not have an Android app, but their website is simple enough to use. Again, I have to really warn those who are app mongers to steer clear from this site as they do not have a up-to-date fresh apps page. – My suggestion is to chum up next to the @AndroidStatic Twitter for our tweets about newbie apps.






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