Oct 13th, 2011 @ 9:05 pm

GLBenchmark 2.1 Is A Powerful 3D Benchmarker

Depending on your level of nerd, you’re either going to think the GLBenchmark 2.1 is awesome or, perhaps, less awesome. GL Benchmark is a 3D benchmarking program designed to test how well your phone can reproduce 3D scenes and images. This is more of a bragging rights issue for some people, but it’s a good way to see if you’re phone is running as it is supposed to be.

GLBenchmark is a 3D benchmarking program for your Android phone or tablet.

GLBenchmark actually has a number of different benchmarks, some of which are more intense than others depending on your device. Regardless, LBenchmark will put your phone through the ringer. Consider yourself warned.

Free: GLBenchmark 2.1



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