Dec 12th, 2011 @ 2:42 pm

How To Fix The Insufficient Space Error

If you’ve downloaded any apps lately, you’ve likely encountered the “Insufficient Space On The Device” error, which has been annoying this past week because it effected many of the apps that were on sale for 10 Cents as part of Google’s 1 Billion Downloads Sale. Typically, this bug only occurs with apps that are large in download size — in my case I couldn’t download Jenga because it was a whopping 24MB.

The Insufficient Space On This Device error is an annoying problem with the new Market.

How Storage On Android Works

Now, if you have a ton of apps you truly could be out of space. What makes this issue confusing is the way that Android devices up the available storage on your phone. If you go under Settings, SD Card and Phone Storage you’ll see the available storage for your device. Most people look at their USB or SD Card Storage and assume that it is their space for apps — it isnt. System Storage is usually the first download spot that your Market apps go to (although you can move some apps to Internal Storage, but that’s a whole separate issue).

Android's use of on phone storage can be a bit confusing at first.

If you do have available System Storage space but are getting the “Insufficient Space On This Device” Error then it’s most likely cause by the bug cause by most recent Market update.


How To Fix The Insufficient Space Error

This solution isn’t so much a permanent fix, but it will at least let you download those big apps that you can’t now. First, navigate to Settings, Applications and click Manage Applications. Here, you’ll want to hit the All tab and scroll down till you get to Market. You should see a Market version number of 3.3.11, if so, click Uninstall Updates, which simply reverts your Market back to an older version (this isn’t permanent).

Under Applications, find your Android Market App.

Once you go back to the Market, find the app you wanted to download before and download and install. Now, eventually, the Market will automatically update itself again in the background and, once again, you won’t be able to download apps with big files sizes. So if you you need to download something again, you’ll have to navigate back to the Market under Settings and uninstall updates.

Uninstall Updates should temporarily fix the Insufficient Space On This Device error.


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