Feb 7th, 2013 @ 1:12 pm

How To Delete Picasa From Android Photo Gallery (And Not Piss Off Your Girlfriend)

Android was designed to work without wires, which is one of the wave of the future promises that every boy born in the early 80s looked forward to. If you’ve lived in, say, the past twenty years you an appreciate how much it blows ass to keep track of all the wires that require gadgets to work. Again, wireless is a huge plus for life.

But Google’s wireless thing comes at a cost since you often lose the ability to choose what is synced. Case in point is the automatic synchronization of any photos ever associated ever with Google.

Like it or not, Google automatically syncs your photos

At this time, I would like to paint a picture for the reader. Imagine that you have a girlfriend who is only mildly interested in Android (because she may or may not be a big Apple fan). Now, let’s say you’re demoing the user experience and general feature set of your average Android 4.2 phone and you decide to show off the Gallery.

At this point the Reader should know that with this single act I unintentionally confirmed the fallible nature my knowledge of Android and of girls.

My Gallery had synced all of my Google related photos. That meant Google Plus. That meant Picasa. That meant old crappy tween Blogger accounts I didn’t even know existed anymore. And in one of those accounts laid a time bomb that was waiting for the right moment to explode. I scrolled carefree through my Gallery explaining the merits of being able to share a photo to any other app already installed on my phone when a picture of my ex girlfriend popped up.

I wasn’t busted per se, but it’s a difficult sell when you’re bumbling through an explanation about Google Photos being synced to your Gallery without your knowledge. What little credibility I had was absolutely eroded when I thought I could stop the Gallery from syncing by simply unticking the Google Photos option. Unfortunately, that didn’t work.

Simply unticking the Google Photo's option won't remove said photos.

How To Clear Google Photos From Your Gallery

If you choose to stop syncing Gmail, you can’t see any more e-mails. If you choose to stop syncing your Contacts, you won’t have any contacts to call. Every Google product basically acknowledges that once you’ve decided to stop syncing something you probably don’t want it on your phone any longer; the exception being Google Photos.

To stop and physically remove Google Photos from your phone you’ll need to first turn off Google Photo syncing under your Google Account. This will stop any new photos from syncing to your device, but won’t do anything for the photos already synced. To clear off those photos, you’ll need to dig into the App menu under Settings and slide to the last panel “All.” Find the Gallery app and clear both the data and cache. Be warned that it can take a minute or two before the app populates with storage information, so give it a second if you can’t hit the clear data and cache buttons

To remove the Google Photos from your phone, you'll need to clear out the Gallery's data and cache.


Manually Remove Picasa From Your Gallery (One Photo Method)

Let’s say you don’t want to manually remove all of your synced photos from your phone but just a select few. To pull off this magic trick, you’ll need to basically delete that photo from your albums within Google Plus. Google’s adopted an all-or-nothing policy with Google Photos, which means that it’s going to be better for most folks who are not sure exactly what’s lurking around in their Google Photos.


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