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How To Set Up Doubletwist And Airsync

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the majority of your life you know that Doubletwist is the undisputed king of music management on Android. While good alternatives exist for wirelessly syncing and playing your music, like Google Music, if you want to actually sync your music files to your phone then Doubletwist is still your best best.

Even more to the point, if you participated in Google’s recent 1 Billion Downloads Sale then you probably have a shiny new app called Airsync. Airsync is an optional program for Doubletwist that allow you to wirelessly sync your music over your home wifi network. Functionally, Doubletwist and Airsync offer the most iTunes like experience for Android devices, which should be a big plus for you iPhone converts.

Doubletwist is one of the most popular music apps for Android.


What You Need To Download

Doubletwist is pretty well designed, basically, because it’s a clone of iTunes, so if you’ve used iTunes before it should be too much of a transition. This guide assumes that you want to set up Airsync for wireless syncing as well, but if you haven’t bought a copy of it you can still use this to set up syncing by USB connection. So, if you don’t plan to use Airsync be sure you have a USB cable to sync with.
Doubletwist: Market Link

Airsync: Market Link

Doubletwist for Windows or Mac: Link



Setting Up Doubletwist and Airsync

Again, part of Doubletwist’s popularity is that it mirrors iTunes’ simplicity. Setting up both Doubletwist and Airsync should take about 15 minutes or so. However, this doesn’t include actually syncing your files (which can take awhile depending on your connection and the amount of music you have).



First, go ahead and install Doubletwist on your desktop. Now, as of this writing, Doubletwist has inexplicably begun adding in crap ware as part of the installation process so be sure to page attention while your installing. No, you do not need We-Care, DriverScanner 2011 or any other other bullshit that it tries to get you to install.

Recently, Doubletwist has begun adding in bullshit crap ware that you should not install.

Once you install Doubletwist go ahead and launch it. Now, the Doubletwist has a ton of options for importing your music — from manually adding files or folders to importing playlists from Windows Media Player or iTunes. But if you’re like most folks you simply want Doubletwist to replicate whatever music and files you have in iTunes. To make sure this is happening, go to Edit and then Preferences and make sure that the two options for Scanning and Refreshing your iTunes library are checked. Now, every time you start Doubletwist you can be sure that any new music from iTunes will be available for syncing to your Android phone or tablet.

Make sure that the two iTunes options are checked to keep your iTunes and Doubletwist in sync.


Now you can install Doubletwist on your phone. If you plan sync with a USB cable you can go ahead and plug it up to your computer. Doubletwist should automatically detect your device. Doubletwist needs your phone to be in USB Mass Storage Mode for it to sync over USB, which can be kind of pain to do every time. One setting that make make it a bit faster is “Auto USB Drive.”

Be sure to check Auto USB Drive to auto mount your phone when you plug it in.

Auto USB Drive will automatically mount your phone whenever it’s connected to a computer. However, if you choose this option be warned that you’ll still need to eject your phone before you disconnect it from your computer or you may risk corrupting your files. You’re phone will still work, but you risk making your images, photos and other file corrupted and beyond readability.

Once you’ve set this up and Doubletwist has imported some of your playlists and music from iTunes you’re ready to begin syncing files. Just like in iTunes, you can manually select files to push on to your phone or tell Doubletwist to sync entire playlists at once.

Now you have all your music on your phone. Yay.


Once you have the desktop version of Doubletwist installed along with Doubletwist for Android you can set up Airsync for wireless syncing. Now, if you actually click the Airsync icon it is simply going to redirect you towards the Doubletwist app. In the bottom left corner you should see a huge button that’s appropriately named Airsync. Click it and Doubletwist will ask if you want to set up Airsync and, if the answer isn’t obvious enough, you do. A small no-brainer side note: make sure before you start this that your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wifi network as the computer you want to sync too.

You must choose your own path.

After you select yes, Doubletwist will generate a 5 digit passcode for you to enter in Doubletwist on your desktop. So, simply select your device in Doubletwist and you should see an option to enter in your wireless code and, through the power of magic, your phone is now set up for wireless syncing (you’ll also get a confirmation of this on your phone). Doubletwist should automatically initiate Airsync whenever you start the app on your desktop. Alternatively, you can always start a manual sync of your files.

Don't share your secret code with anyone... you're life depends on it.

Now, it isn’t uncommon for people to experience problems Doubletwist being able to see their device on their local Wifi network and back when Airsync released last year the app was hit or miss in terms of actually being able to sync files. If you do have trouble with Doubletwist finding your device be sure to go into Doubletwist on your Android and going over to Settings.

Be warned. You'll feel like an ultimate tech bad ass once you've set up Airsync and see the spinning logo.

Under Settings, you’ll see a section devoted to Airsync. Scroll down and first select the “Can’t see your device?” button, which will manually broadcast your phone’s signal. If your computer still can’t seem to see your phone then click “What is my IP address?” and follow the instructions for manually pairing your computer and phone. If this still doesn’t work then there’s likely some quirky setting on your wifi network that’s screwing up the connection. For help on that issue, be sure to head over to Doubletwist’s Support Forums.

If your computer can't see your Android device, you've got a few options to try under Settings.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I keep using iTunes along with Doubletwist?

Sure, why not? For example, if you still had an old iPod that you wanted to sync but also wanted to have Doubletwist it isn’t like the two programs cause any conflict with each other. Moreover, in my opinion, iTunes is still superior for listening to music on your computer and Doubletwist, in some places, is still rough around the edges.


Is there anyway to keep Doubletwist and iTunes in sync?

Doubletwist works by reading your iTunes Library so if you were going to add new songs but still wanted to hang on to your iTunes simply add songs to your iTunes and, later, Doubletwist will read them. However, it won’t work in the opposite direction — meaning that any songs you add in Doubletwist won’t be added to your iTunes Library.


What happens if I get a new phone?

Although you could technically copy over the library, data and music files to your new phone it would probably be easier just to re-sync your new phone. All you’d have to do is go through this same process for connecting your new phone to your old computer.


Airsync takes for ever, is there anything I can do to speed it up?

Syncing over Wifi will usually be significantly slower than via a USB corb — it’s part of the limitation of technology. Upgrading your wireless router is one possible option for speeding up your wireless speed. Generally, however, the longest syncing sessions are the initials ones where you’re moving most of your music to your device.


Why do I see two devices in Doubletwist when using a USB cord?

Seeing two devices is common because you have two different storage areas — your phone’s internal memory and an external SD card. Most people just choose the bigger one or decide split up their media for each one (e.g. music on your internal storage and movies on your SD card). It’s just one of the limitations of Doubletwist.


The Wrap Up

If you’re into the whole streaming music thing but want to physically carry around your collection of music, there’s simply no better choice than Doubletwist + Airplay. Easy setup, integration with iTunes and with only $5.00 purchase price for Airplay it makes sense for you penny pinching bastards that happen to love them some music.



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