Mar 17th, 2012 @ 8:45 pm

How to Sign Out Of Facebook On Android

Let’s face it: Facebook for Android blows ass. Besides being incredibly sluggish, it never remember when you’ve viewed a message and accordingly reminds you of it every 5 damn minutes.

Some of you may find this statement ironic since I recommend Facebook for Android on our monthly “must have apps” list. The two cavets of my recommendation are that 1. Our list is for new Android owners who need some apps to start with and learn Android as a system and 2. There really aren’t a ton of good alternatives to the official app (save maybe Friendcaster).

Facebook for Android is really designed to be signed into one time and be periodically synced. So your two options are are to either stop Facebook from syncing data or simply sign out completely and sign back in whenever you want to use the app.

Turning off syncing is pretty easy: just go to Facebook for Android and press the menu button. Under settings you should see an option for Notifications — simply uncheck and you’ll stop syncing from happening.

Uncheck the Notifications button to stop data syncing from Facebook.

Alternatively, if you want to sign out of Facebook for Android, you can press the menu button and tap the Log Out button. However, keep in mind that this won’t actually delete the data that’s already been downloaded to your phone.

To truly nix any of your Facebook information, you’ll have to dig into settings and remove your Facebook account:

  1. Navigate to the Settings Menu and click on “Accounts and Sync”
  2. Click on Facebook for Android
  3. Click Remove Account
From the Setting screen, removing your Facebook account is the best bet for signing out.

Clicking the Remove Account button will, of course, remove your account information from and data from your phone. Of course the simplest way to do all this would be to just uninstall the app rather than signing in and out all day long, but that’s probably crazy talk.


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