Jun 4th, 2012 @ 10:10 pm

InFoto Creates Beautiful Infographics From Your Data

I love infographics. Shit makes me feel smart.  If you’re equally into sites like then your face is going to explode off your skull when I tell you about the freshly release InFoto that creates kick ass infographics from all your phone’s data.

InFoto creates beautiful infographics from your phone's data

Good news and bad news time. InFoto looks amazing, well designed and something you’l play around with a lot. The bad news? It basically doesn’t work or at least it didn’t on my phone. The app is apparently very alpha-ish 1.0 that may be a little half baked. I tried it on Android 4.0, of course there aren’t any notes on whether this is only supported on certain devices. Bascially, every time I click the “Generate New Infographic” button the entire phone has a seizure.

This is about the time that InFoto explodes on my phone.

So why am I telling you about this paper weight equivalent of an app? Because once it is fixed (and from the quality of design I bet this will be soon) you’ll be making your own infographics and showing off your you-centered data to all your Facebook friends.


InFoto Makes Infographics Easy

Again, I love some infographics but actually making them is a chore; I’m still mastering the concept of these “layers” in Photoshop. This app makes all of this simple with pretty snazzy looking infographics that just populate based on your data. Among the possible charts are World Photo Locations (as in where you you take the most photos), the time of day you take photos, whether you prefer horzontial or vertical orientation (obviously I should insert a sexual joke here) and other things like your favorite photos sizes.

InFoto can generate this infographic based on where you take your photos.

InFoto is simply a beautiful app.

Once you you’ve generate your infographic you’ll have an option to share it on any of your social media networks. As you can tell, InFoto is centered around the photos and when you take them. I’d love to see these option expanded so I can get other cool statistics related to my e-mail, telephone calls and everything else I do for my phone (I’m not even going to charge the developer for that one).

I'd insert a crass gay reference here, but I live in North Carolina and they'd deport me for that shit.

The other interesting bit is that you can supposedly use the app to track your data over time. As I’ve said, I couldn’t get the app to work on my phone, so I don’t know if there’s anything “smart” about the app itself or if it just generates charts that you can save over time and thus “track” your data. I e-mailed the developer and will, as always, let ye know.

InFoto gives you the nitty gritty on photo details.

Some of the charts aren’t so interesting, I mean I doubt most smartphone owners change their ISO on the fly or even know what it means. Of course if you are all into Mobile Photo Friday, this would make sense as it is the hub of all mobile photography on the Internet.

Anyways, I can’t wait to see this app work. InFoto’s sexy design is will look incredible on your device and allow you to put something sort of interesting on your Facebook wall for once. I should mention too that it isn’t clear what the difference is between the free and paid version of these apps. Buy and download at your own risk.

Free: InFoto Free

Paid: InFoto



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